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Classroom Theaters

The Classroom Theaters were designed to combine entertainment with learning. Audiovisual equipment, such as film projectors, slide projectors, overhead projectors, models and diagrams are utilized extensively. In addition, live animals, specimens, reproductions and experimental equipment are made available for the presenter’s and audience use. Audience involvement makes the classroom theater a lively and interesting learning environment. The Classroom Theaters cover two academic fields: earth sciences and environmental sciences. In the former, three topics are presented: The Dynamic Earth, Underground Treasures, and Exploring the Ocean.


The topic of “The Dynamic Earth” explores the natural forces of Earth’s surface and Earth’s interior. Also explained are how these forces work, over a long geological time span, to change the appearance of Earth’s surface.

”The Underground Treasures” invites you to explore precious underground stones as well as fossils, and to trace the earth’s mysterious past.

In the “Exploring the Ocean” classroom you can explore a wide range of strands, including recognizing the special features of the marine world, tides, fluctuations in water levels and their effects on coastal erosion, separation and joining together of continents, and coral reef and deep sea creatures.

In the section ofenvironmental sciences, the topic of “Species Conservation” explores the concepts of ecological balance and diversity. Also, local conservation efforts, important ecosystems and species are described, to increase people’s awareness, respect and care for the environment. In “Man and the Environment”, the main strands include biological activity and environmental phenomena, as well as contemporary environmental issues such as pollution, climatic changes, habitat destruction etc., and the mutual relationships between man and nature.

2020-10-20 Updated