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December 31 2008‧ Announcement
In celebration of the Museum’s 23rd Anniversary and New Year 2009, we have a series of promotions for you (Jan. 1 - Feb. 8, 2009). Visit our Chinese language website for details.

December 16 2008‧ Exhibition
The Austronesian of Taiwan Gallery renovated from the original Taiwanese Aborigines gallery opens to the public.

November 28 2008‧ Exhibition
Mammoth Exhibition
Taichung City is entering the Ice Age!
Do you feel sorry for not being able to see the exhibition of ice age Mammoths in Taipei? You now have a chance. Yukagir and Oymiakon, two woolly mammoths uncovered from the Siberian permafrost, have come to the Museum Oct. 28. Meeting these two mammoths is a very moving, intimate experience. Visitors will see the creature’s hair and skin tissue popping in the light, that’s been dead for 18,000 years. This once-in-a-life exhibition will give you a true astonishment!

October 24 2008‧ Exhibition
Miao's Cycles
Succeed to The Epic Stitched on Miao's Clothes exhibition, 61 photographs of Miao's festivals by Fong Shao-neng reflect the diversity, creativity, and blending of cultural traditions in Miao's many indigenous communities.

October 3 2008‧ Exhibition
Snapshots of Bird Behavior
21 wildlife photographers present more than 70 striking photos of birds in Taiwan: up close to their behavior!

September 17 2008‧ Exhibition
The Museum received nearly a hundred of precious artifacts of Chinese medicine as gift from the old Hsin-an Herbal Pharmacy in Yun-lin. Some of them are displayed at the Chinese Medicine Gallery of the Human Cultures Hall. This collection includes artifacts from the Xian-feng Emperor's Reign (1850 - 1861) of the Qing Dynasty to the 1960s. Many of them have never before been shown in Taiwan.

September 15 2008‧ Event
In celebration of NASA’s 50th Anniversary, Discovery Channel has partnered with NASA to produce an epic new series When We Left Earth that will explore the NASA missions. The story of mankind's greatest adventure, leaving the earth and living in space is now grandly showcased at the Museum’s SOS Theater.

August 6 2008‧Exhibition
The World of Light Aug. 7 - Nov. 30, 2008
What is light? How light works? This new exhibition gives an in-depth look at the different aspects of light and its application in our daily life.

August 1 2008‧Exhibition
The Epic Stitched on Miao's Clothes – Open to Feb. 2009.
This new special exhibition in the Museum explores the amazing culture of clothing in the mountainous Guizhou, China. Drawing upon the Museum’s collections, this exhibition showcases the historic diversity of the many Miao branches and the national features expressing on their brilliant costumes. September 22 2008‧ Announcement
The Space IMAX Theater (Sep. 23 - 24) and the Bird's I-View Theater (Sep. 25) are closed for annual maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

September 1 2008‧ Announcement
The Museum honors qualified teachers on our opening days in September with free admission to our galleries. Please go to the information stand at the Human Cultures Hall for details.

July 22 2008‧Exhibition
Exhibition Chinese Wushu – Moving Heaven and Earth Now Open
With the upcoming of the 2008 Olympics Games, the Museum opens the latest special exhibition on exercise science. Chinese Wushu exhibition leads the public to a fantastic world and makes the public understand wushu's value in health-building. Learn more…

July 19 2008‧Announcement
Galleries closure
The Numbers & Shapes gallery and Colors & Sounds gallery at the lower level of the Life Science Hall are closed to launch necessary maintenance and repairment work due to damages caused by torrential rains brought by storm Kalmeagi. The galleries will open again very soon.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

July 14 2008‧Announcement
After 5-month maintenance and replanting the groundcover, the conservatory reopens to the public!
To accommodate more students and summer visitors, the visiting hours of the conservatory and the special exhibition gallery at our Botanical Garden are extended to 6:00 pm till August 31.

July 4 2008‧Exhibition
Explore the dramatic story of the world's greatest human migration.
VAKA MOANA exhibition from New Zealand opens to the public at the 4th Special Exhibition Gallery. Learn more…

July 1 2008‧Announcement
New films, Dinosaurs Alive! and Global Warming, are showing at our Space IMAX Theater and 3D Theater. Go to our Theaters page for details, please.

July 1 2008‧Announcement
Promotion!  Buy four tickets to our Galleries, IMAX Theater, 3D Theater or 921 Earthquake Museum, and you'll receive one complimentary ticket for them.
Please note:
1. The promotional term is from July 1 to August 31, 2008.
2. The complimentary tickets are valid till October 31, 2008.
3. Offer applies to individuals only. Not valid for group ticket purchasers.

July 1 2008‧Announcement
Watch out for the Forcipomyia taiwana, a notorious bloodsucking midge, when you enjoy yourself in the Museum's grounds.
Forcipomyia taiwana is a tiny, blood-sucking midge that causes intense pruritis and swelling in sensitive individuals. To keep a lush and peaceful retreat for visitors, the Museum used to spray insecticide to control F. taiwana once a month in summers. However, it proves that the spray cannot control F. taiwana very well, but hurts the environment relatively. In view of this, the Museum decides to stop using any products to kill the pest. Please protect yourself from the midge when you visit our grounds. We offer mosquito spray at the information center of the Botanical Garden.

May 27 2008‧Announcement
The conservatory in the Botanical Garden is closing through June 30, 2008 for annual maintenance, but its visitor center on the lower level is open for the pineapples exhibition. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

May 26 2008‧Event
Wanna take a close look at the universe from space like an astronaut but without blasting off? Visit Science On a Sphere on the lower level of our Global Environment Hall.

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