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December 18‧Exhibition
Dialogue Concerning Astronomy and the Origin of Life
The Museum hosts the all-new Dialogue Concerning Astronomy and the Origin of Life exhibition on December 18, 2009, which presents a comprehensive introduction to astrobiology.

December 11‧Exhibition
Sea Dragon - Special Exhibition on Aquatic Reptiles
Many ancient reptiles are often confused with dinosaurs but they do not have the physical characteristics which defines a true dinosaur. Learn more about these weird and wonderful aquatic reptiles at the Museum's Sea Dragon exhibit.
This is an exhibition you can't miss in your lifetime!

December 1‧Theater
Renovated, upgraded Global Environment Theater opens to the public December 1. Presented by the Museum, Global Warming is a breathtaking new HD global theater film experience that offers audiences a deep understanding about, perhaps, the greatest threat to our planet.

November 18‧Exhibition
The Natural History of Formosa - An Exploration of Plants
Explore the natural history of flora in Taiwan with a special tribute to the plant Wuweishan Drupetea!

October 17‧Event
Weekend Concerts
Launch your weekends with music at our Global Environment Hall. Enjoy yourself as the live band from Taichung City Symphony Orchestra presents the most popular Taiwanese and western music.

  • Stringed music: Saturday, October 17, 2009; 3pm
  • Wind music: Saturday, October 24, 2009; 3pm
  • Jazz music: Saturday, October 31, 2009; 3pm
Admission is included in the gallery tickets. Free for members.

October 17‧Announcement
Theater & Gallery Closure
For maintenance, renovation or upgrading, the following theaters or galleries are closed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  • Museum Library: Oct. 12 - 30, 2009
  • Taiwan's Ecology Gallery: Oct. 19 - 31, 2009
  • Environment Theater: Feb. 16 - Nov. 30, 2009

October 11‧Exhibition
DaDa's Magic World
DaDa's Magic World, an entertaining and educational exhibition on optoelectronics premieres on Thursday October 1 at the Science Center and becomes part of the Science Exploring gallery.

September 7‧ Announcement
Lilium speciosum Thunb. var. gloriosoides Baker - the Museum's mascot flower - is performing a late-summer solo near the Botanical Garden gallery. Your visit wouldn't be complete without it!

September 7‧ Announcement
Theater & Gallery Closure
For renovation and upgrading, the following theaters and galleries are or will be closed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  • 3D Theater: Sep. 7 - 13, 2009
  • Space IMAX: Oct. 12 - 13, 2009
  • Science Exploring gallery: from Aug. 31, 2009
  • Environment Theater: Feb. 16 - Nov. 30, 2009

September 1‧Announcement
Important Notice Concerning Precautions Against New Types of Flu
To effectively fend off the spread of the H1N1 virus, we are asking our visitors to take body temperature when entering the Museum. Once visitors are detected with a fever, they will be prevented from entering. Please do not visit the Museum if you have a temperature. We also recommend that you gargle and wash your hands in the Museum. We would be grateful for your cooperation.

August 4‧Exhibition
The Deep
The traveling exhibition "The Deep" with the world's first and unique collection of deep-sea creatures is currently being shown in Taichung at the Museum. It offers you a unique chance to have a direct contact with a large variety of deep-sea animals as well as to discover hitherto unpublished photos and videos.

July 10‧Exhibition
Astro-Photography Exhibition
Astro-Photography, an exhibition of over 90 striking photographs featuring dramatic images of atmospheric phenomena, is on view.

July 6‧ Announcement
Good news for school teachers!
From now through October 11, school teachers with valid ID have free admission to our galleries including the Darwin paid special exhibition. Teacher groups or teachers with classes are especially welcomed. Call for group information: 04-23226940 ext. 289.

July 1‧ Exhibition
Singing Insects
The Museum's exhibit comes not only to your eyes, but also to your ears! NOW is the time you can relish a different world of singing insects and increase your knowledge of their songs.

July 1‧ Film
Expedition to Galapagos
In conjunction with Darwin exhibition, the Darwin-related 3D IMAX film "Expedition to Galapagos" comes back to the Museum!

July 1‧ Film
Wild Earth Africa
Wild Earth Africa, a visually stunning 3-D journey to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on the spectacular slopes of Mount Kenya, is playing at the Museum.

June 24‧ Exhibition
Escape the city and wander through our tranquil botanical garden. A variety of aglaonema, sometimes called "Chinese Evergreen", are displayed at the special exhibition gallery.

June 19‧ Exhibition
The American Museum of Natural History's prestigious DARWIN exhibition comes to the Museum! In conjunction with this paid special exhibition, the Museum adjusts the admission fees and offers some benefits. Please check our Admission Fees page before you visit. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

June 8‧ Announcement
In conjunction with DARWIN, the Museum will adjust the admission fees from June 19 to October 11. Please check the new fees before you visit Darwin. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

June 2‧ Exhibition
Having waited for 200 years, we finally will meet Darwin, the most influential evolutionist in human history, right here at the Museum!

July 6‧ Announcement
The Website will not be available 6 - 10 pm, Friday, July 17. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

July 20‧ Event
A total solar eclipse will be on Wednesday, July 22. Everyone is welcome to the Museum. Our astronomers will wait for you at the plaza in front of the entrance to the Human Cultures Hall, 8 - 11 in the morning.
Do not forget to protect your eyes before damage from the Sun. Use special glasses with UV filter dedicated directly for this purpose. Do not use any alternatives, such as old floppy discs or old films, as these do not have any UV protection layer.

May 4‧ Exhibition
The newly renovated Astronomy Gallery opens to the public. Make plans to visit it. There's much for you to explore!

April 21‧ Exhibition
The Good Old Times of Lukang : Photographs by Tsang-Tse Hsu
Surprise your eyes with the arresting detail of Tsan-Tse Hsu’s images, most of which highlight Lukangers’ daily life in old times.

April 20‧ Event
International Orchid Symposium
The first International Orchid Symposium will be held on January 12-15, 2010 at the Museum. Both professional and amateur orchid lovers are welcome to join us. Please go to International Orchid Symposium for details.

April 17‧ Announcement
According to Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act of R.O.C., smoking is completely prohibited in the indoor and outdoor areas of the Museum. Any person in violation shall be punished by a fine of NT$ 2,000 - 10,000.

April 16‧ Announcement
Theater Closure
The Environment Theater is now closed until November 30, 2009 to prepare for a complete renovation and upgrading. Watch out for the announcements in November.

April 16‧ Exhibition
Darwin NOW
With the cooperation of the British Council in Taipei, the Museum is holding the Darwin NOW exhibition to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the most influential evolutionist in human history.

April 15‧ Event
It is the height of firefly season! Come visit the Museum's Mini Zoo, where you will see aquatic yellow-rimmed fireflies flashing in the dark during the afternoon time.

March 30‧ Announcement
The Museum is planning a photography exhibition to celebrate International Year of Astronomy 2009 and to encourage public awareness of the science of astronomy. Spectacular images taken by professional or amateur astronomers are welcome to enrich our upcoming exhibition. Priority is likely to be given to photos that are regarding deep-sky, solar system or general. Accepted images will be awarded NT$1500 each. Get involved! Make IYA 2009 a year a long celebration to remember for you!
The closing date for proposals is Saturday 25 April. Be sure to submit your photo to Dr. Chen Hui-hwa at the Exhibition Division of NMNS, or call at 04-23226940 ext. 677 or 684 for details.

March 12‧ Exhibition
Orchid Show
Come explore the alluring world of orchids. Discover new insights and curious surprises about these captivating plants.

February 25‧ Exhibition
Ju Ming's work is being exhibited at the Oval Plaza of the Museum. More…

January 21, 2009‧ Announcement
Theater Closure
The Environment Theater will be closed from February 16 until November 30, 2009 to prepare for a complete renovation and upgrading. Watch out for the announcements in November.

January 20, 2009‧ Exhibition
Ancient Pottery of the Paiwan Tribe in Taiwan
The new exhibition on the art and culture of the Paiwan tribe opens at the 2nd special exhibition gallery of the Museum from January 21.

January 16, 2009‧ Exhibition
The God of Earth in Taiwan
Are you going to pray to Tu-di-gong? Come to the Tu-di-gong exhibition first. "Many" Tu-di-gongs welcome you with a warm smile at the 3rd exhibition gallery!

January 12, 2009‧ Announcement
Museum closure during Chinese New Year Holidays
The Museum and its Botanical Garden will be closed on 25 and 26 January, but IMAX Theater, 3D Theater and Mammoth Exhibition will be open on Monday 26 January.

January 1, 2009‧ Films
New films are playing at our theaters.
IMAX Theater: Wild Ocean
3D Theater: Shallow Seas
Bird’s-I-View Theater: Water: Blessing From God

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