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December 31‧Announcement
NMNS at 30
Urchin knowledge—the amazing facts about EchinoidsThe Museum is excited to announce its 30th anniversary on January 1st, 2016. To commemorate this momentous milestone, the Museum launches a year-long series of public programs and activities, beginning with a celebration at 8:30am at the Main Plaza. We invite you to join in our celebration – to visit the museum and to keep visiting our website throughout the year to learn more about our history and special events.

December 9‧Exhibition
Bonsai Exhibition
Bonsai ExhibitionThe Chinese art of bonsai and potted landscapes have been famous for centuries. The Museum, in collaboration with Taiwan Bonsai World, is hosting a new exhibition of bonsai at the Oval Plaza to mark its 30th anniversary. More than seventy finest bonsai masterpieces are on display. We will continue with the presentation of some others till January 3, 2016. This exhibition is an opportunity to share the connections between science and art. We would like to welcome all of you to have a pleasant time enjoying the opportunity to view and learn about Chinese bonsai.

December 4‧Exhibition
CitrusThe Museum's Botanical Garden is presenting a temporary exhibition about citrus from Friday, Dec. 4 - Sunday, Dec. 27 at its gallery. This is the first exhibition of its kind in Taiwan to explore the citrus family. Visitors will have a glance and learn many things about citrus. More than one hundred citrus trees and fruits will present you with pleasant experiences. Do not miss the good opportunity to spend quality time with your family and loved ones, learning and smelling the fragrant citrus.

November 30‧Exhibition
NMNS Online Collection: The Clothing and Textile of Taiwanese Aboriginal Peoples
 The Clothing and Textile of Taiwanese Aboriginal PeoplesFor Taiwan, aboriginal peoples are not only an essential source of both history and culture, but a unique sparkling treasure. 'The Clothing and Textile of Taiwanese Aboriginal Peoples' online exhibition showcases ten costumes of Taiwan indigenous tribes of Atayal, Seediq, Rukai, Amis, Tao, Bunun, Paiwan, Saisiyat, Truku, and Puyuma. Come explore the cultural ideas and beliefs of Taiwan aboriginal tribes through the vivid colors and diverse styles of their clothing and textile.

November 28‧Announcement
Special Offers
Special OffersIn celebration of the Museum's 30th Anniversary, the Museum and its three Parks (921 Earthquake Park @ Wufong, Fonghuanggu Ecology Park @ Lugu, and Chelungpu Fault Park @ Chushan) will offer FREE general admission to all guests on January 1, 2016. In addition, a limited number of 30th anniversary tickets will be available, which access to the Museum galleries and the three Parks. You'll receive a free ticket to the Museum's IMAX Theater or 3D Theater, but you'll need to visit the Museum and the 3 Parks to get your anniversary tickets stamped.

November 16‧Announcement
Volunteers Needed
Volunteers NeededVolunteers are a vital part of accomplishing our mission at the NMNS. Whether you are a high-school or college student, a retired senior or a working adult with the desire to give back to your community, we have opportunities for you! And no matter what your interests, you’ll find a fun and exciting volunteer opportunity here. To register as a volunteer, you’ll need to submit a completed Volunteer Application. Our volunteer staff will match prospective volunteers an available opportunity.

November 1‧Announcement
Lawn Closure
Penghu 1During the period of November 2-5 and 9-11, a portion of our lawn near Shi-tun Rd. will be closed to our visitors for geological studies of an underground parking space project. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Every effort has been made to stagger the closure to ensure the safety of our visitors. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

October 31‧Exhibition
NMNS Online Collection: Seeds are Gemstones of Botanical Garden
Penghu 1Seed is life. The lives of humanity and seed are inextricably linked. 12 types of seeds of Taiwan native plants are included in the exhibition; most of the 12 plants are bearing fruits in our Botanical Garden right now. Enjoy our virtual exhibition "Seeds are Gemstones of Botanical Garden" in new and engaging ways. The exhibition opens on November 1 and will run until the end of the month.

September 24‧Event
Bianzhong Concert
Bianzhong ConcertTo respond to the visitors' enthusiasm for the ancient Chinese bronze bells (known as Bianzhong) concert performed by NCO (National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan) on May 24 when the Museum celebrated the launch of 'The Wisdom of the Ancients' special exhibition, the Museum will host final two performances of Bianzhong by NCO on Sunday, Oct. 25 at 2 and 4. Bring your friends, and enjoy a wonderful concert where you can experience the 8th wonder of the ancient world.

  • Location: the first floor lobby of NMNS' Life Science Hall
  • Admission: FREE

September 23‧Event
StargazingJoin us for the Mid-autumn Star Gazing Event, Sunday, Sep. 27, from 6:30pm - 9:00pm on the Square in front of the Human Cultures Hall. Museum scientists will talk about amazing autumn sky vividly (but not effusively), and you can chat with them about the sights you see. The family-friendly event including a quiz contest is free and open to visitors of all ages. NO RSVP required.

September 17‧Announcement
Free Admission to Chelungpu Park
Free Admission to Chelungpu ParkTo mark the 16th anniversary of the 921 earthquake, also known as Chichi earthquake, which occurred in Chichi on September 21, 1999, the Museum's Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park @ Chushan will offer free admission from Saturday, Sep. 19 to Monday, Sep. 28 to commemorate the victims of the fatal quake and teach the public to be more prepared in case disaster strikes.

September 15‧Announcement
Teacher Appreciation Days
Teacher Appreciation DaysTeachers are an integral part of the educational work at the Museum. Teacher Appreciation Days are days for the Museum to say "Thank you!" to our school and community educators. Join us as we celebrate dedicated teachers like you on the weekend 26-28 of September.

September 9‧Event
The Autumn Moon
The Autumn MoonMid-autumn Festival, one of the most important festivals for Chinese people, is just around the corner. To offer an opportunity for the increasing new immigrants in Taiwan to learn more about our culture, the Museum will launch 'The Autumn Moon' event on Sunday, September 20. We welcome immigrant families and local citizens to join us.

September 2‧Announcement
Special Offer
BiorhythmThe special exhibition 'Biorhythm' at the National Museum of Natural Science offers discounts from September 1 - December 1, 2015. Visitors buy one, get one free for pairs to the exhibition (NT$100 for two adults). The offer is available to pairs only. Ticket refunds are permitted when two tickets are shown together.

August 26‧Announcement
Free Admission to 921 Park
NMNS Online CollectionThe Museum's 921 Education Park at Wufong will offer free admission from Saturday, Sep. 19 to Monday, Sep. 28 and a series of activities to mark the 16th anniversary of the disaster, aiming at commemorating the victims of the fatal quake and teaching the public to be more prepared in case disaster strikes. Click here for more information.

August 13‧Event
Grandparents Day
Grandparents DayCelebrate National Grandparents Day (Sunday, Aug. 23) at the Museum! Join the Museum's savings plan, and enjoy grandparents-themed activities including drop ornaments DIY and zentangle making. During that weekend (8/22-23), seniors over 60 receive FREE admission to the Museum's theaters, galleries, and its 3 Parks, and concessions for ticketing exhibitions (NT$200 for The Wisdom of the Ancients; NT$80 for Biorhythm: Music and the Body). Click here to view the details.

August 10‧Announcement
Naturalist Center Closure
Naturalist CenterThe Museum's Naturalist Center will be closed for a special event on Tuesday Aug. 11, 11:30am - 5pm & Wednesday Aug. 12, 9am - 1pm. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

July 22‧Exhibition
From Ephemeral to Eternal: The Journey of Insect specimens in a Museum
From Ephemeral to Eternal: The Journey of Insect specimens in a MuseumIn memory of Mr. Lin Wen-hsin, who donated over 11,000 insect specimens to the NMNS, the Museum is presenting a new special exhibition entitled "From Ephemeral to Eternal : The Journey of Insect specimens in a Museum" in the 3rd exhibition gallery. In this exhibition visitors will not only see some 700 beetle specimens out of Lin's donations but also take a peek behind the scenes of the Museum's research and collection work. The exhibition opening on Wednesday, July 22 will run through Sunday, November 22.

July 8‧Exhibition
Rights of Nature
Rights of NatureResponding to the special exhibition "The Wisdom of the Ancients: Bronze and Metal Ware Production", which marks the Museum's 30th anniversary, Mr. Gilles Falisse, Belgian sculptor since 30 years, presents his metal series of "Rights of Nature" on display at the Museum's Oval Plaza from July 8 to October 18. Come visit the joyous and whimsical exhibition.

July 3‧Exhibition
2015 Science Images: Maze between Science and Art
2015 Science Images: Maze between Science and ArtSucceeded by "2014 Amazing New Visions", the Museum will present a new science images exhibition entitled "Maze between Science and Art". The exhibition, which will open on Saturday, July 11 in the Museum's 2nd exhibition gallery, features 76 newly selected photographs about amazing science from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hongkong, and Malaysia. Green maze, the theme of this exhibition, will create a brand-new way of experiencing the world around us.

July 3‧Exhibition
Occupational Safety and Kung Fu
Occupational Safety and Kung FuThe Museum is presenting a new exhibition about occupational safety. "Occupational Safety and Kung Fu", July 3 - December 6, illustrates the importance and solution of occupational safety through models of the 18 Bronzemen. Visitors play the role of the Kung Fu Master in Shaolin Temple to break through the challenge of 18 Bronzemen, and the role of a doctor to point out causes of Bronzemen's discomfort. Join us with this practical and challenging exhibition!

July 1‧Film
Brilliant 30
Brilliant 30On Wednesday, July 15, the Museum's Environment Theater in the Global Environment Hall will premiere a new archive film entitled "Brilliant 30" to mark its 30 anniversary. "Brilliant 30" documents the 30-year history of the Museum, outlining the process of building the science-based museum along with its functions and the dramatic merging of its three Parks. It also immerses viewers in the dynasties of volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

June 29‧Exhibition
Biorhythm - Music and the Body
Biorhythm - Music and the BodyFrom July 1 to December 1, 2015, the Museum is hosting a new exhibition entitled "Biorhythm: Music and the Body". Located at the Museum's 1st exhibition gallery, Biorhythm, a joint exhibition of National Taiwan Science Education Center, the Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland, and the Museum, showcases 17 interactive installations that will expand visitors' knowledge of the fascinating relationship between music/sound and the human body.

June 25‧Exhibition
Artifacts Made from Plants
Artifacts Made from PlantsReally, plants are fun! This summer, the Museum presents the "Artifacts Made from Plants" exhibition dedicated to weaving artifacts made from aquatic plants such as cattails and Shichito matgrass. Featuring more than 100 precious artifacts collected by Mr. Sun Yeh-chi along with some fifty from South Africa, Thailand, Japan, and Korea, "Artifacts Made from Plants" conveys that plant materials have been used nearly in every aspect of human life. The exhibition is on view at the Conservatory of the Museum's Botanical Garden from Friday, June 26 to Sunday, August 30.

June 23‧Film
The Curse of Skull Rock
The Curse of Skull RockA new film "The Curse of Skull Rock" is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at the Museum's 3D Theater. This is a 15 minute 3D attraction film that takes audiences aboard a pirate ship on a swashbuckling adventure that pits plucky cabin girl against the tyrannical captain in pursuit of the legendary treasure of Skull Rock. The film is a fun filled adventure for the whole family.

June 22‧Film
Mysteries of the Unseen World & Flight of the Butterflies
Mysteries of the Unseen World & Flight of the ButterfliesOn Wednesday, July 1 the Museum's IMAX Theater will premiere two new films "Mysteries of the Unseen World" and "Flight of the Butterflies". The former will take you into invisible realms that surround you every minute of the day to see what you're missing; the latter will take you on the epic 3,000-mile journey traveled every fall by half a billion monarch butterflies. Kids as well as adults will be thrilled by the technologically innovative portrait of nature.

June 18‧Announcement
Extending Opening Days
Flight of the ButterfliesWith the student’s summer vacation right around the corner and the public’s enthusiasm for the Museum and its three Parks (921 Earthquake Park @ Wufong, Chelungpu Fault Park @ Chusan, and Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Park @ Lugu), we will keep our doors open every day from Wednesday, July 1 to Sunday, August 30. Make the most of your summer vacation!

June 17‧Announcement
Space Theater Reopening
Flight of the ButterfliesAfter three months of renovation, the Museum’s IMAX Space Theater will reopen on Wednesday, July 1 with a new digital upgrading project. Two new films “Mysteries of the Unseen World” and “Flight of the Butterflies” will be shown. The first one transports audiences to places on our planet that they have never been before, to see things that are beyond their normal vision. The second one documents the largest and most incredible migration on earth; half a billion monarch butterflies traversing a continent and travelling over 5,000 kilometers each year to hibernate, mate and lay eggs.

June 12‧Announcement
Naturalist Center ClosureNaturalist Center Closure
The Museum’s Naturalist Center will be closed for interior renovation June 15 - July 15. Scheduled activities will end earlier on Sunday, June 14. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

May 22‧Exhibition
The Wisdom of the Ancients: Bronze and Metal Ware Production
The Wisdom of the AncientsThe Museum hosts a new exhibition to mark its 30th anniversary. The exhibition titled "The Wisdom of the Ancient: Bronze and Metal Ware Production" opens on May 22 and will run through February 22 next year. More than 200 items from the ancient times are showcased. In addition to delving deeper into the ancient culture, learning more about bronze with interactive stations, visitors can get up close and personal with ancient bronze pieces.

April 27‧Announcement
Environment TheaterTheater Closure
The Environment Theater is closed from April 27 to May 18, 2015 for making a documentary film to mark the Museum's 30th anniversary. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

April 15‧Event
International Museum Day
International Museum Day takes place on May 18. This year’s theme - Museums for a sustainable society - encourages public awareness for the living traditions. On Sunday May 17, the Museum will offer free admission to its galleries (ticketing exhibition excluded), Science Center, Conservatory, and three Parks (921 Earthquake Park @ Wufong, Chelungpu Fault Park @ Chushan & Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Park @ Lugu). Join us!

April 14‧Announcement
Garage Closure
The Museum's underground garage on Situn Rd. will be closed for scheduled maintenance on Monday, April 20. Access will be restricted during this closure. Please make arrangement to move your vehicles prior to Sunday, April 1. Thank you for your cooperation.

April 13‧Announcement
Exhibition Closure
Please note that The Magic of Plants exhibition is now temporarily closed. It will be on view again in the 4th gallery on Tuesday, April 28. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

March 25‧Exhibition
Mushroom ExhibitionMushroom Exhibition
From March 27 to August 30, 2015, the Museum will display a mushroom exhibition in the Botanical Garden's exhibition gallery. The exhibition features a selection of photographs and specimens of mushrooms, and offers a comprehensive overview of the unusual and interesting facts about mushrooms. Join us, mushroom lovers!

March 25‧Event
Children's Day
Families are invited to celebrate the arrival of spring at the Taichung-based National Museum of Natural Science on April 4, 2015. Visitors aged under 12 get free admission to the Museum's galleries (ticketing exhibition excluded) ,the Botanical Garden, and its 3 Parks (921 Earthquake Park @ Wufong, Chelungpu Fault Park @ Chusan and Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Park @ Lugu). Please note: Proper ID is required.

March 23‧Announcement
The Age of Dinosaurs Gallery Closure
The Age of Dinosaurs Gallery located in the Life Science Hall will be closed for maintenance June 1 - 5. We apologize for any inconvenience that will cause.

March 10‧Announcement
The Museum's 30th Anniversary
The Museum will celebrate its 30th anniversary with an exhibition focusing on artifacts from ancient times. Early bird pre-sale tickets will go on sale beginning on March 15 at ticket windows of the Museum and its 3 Parks (921 Earthquake Park @ Wufong, Chelungpu Fault Park @ Chusan and Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Park @ Lugu). For your convenience, early bird tickets are also available at Hi-Life, Family, and 7-11 Convenience Stores and Hanlin Publisher's bookstores. Or you can purchase online at Gomaji, GROUPON, 17Life, and BOOKS. The early-bird tickets come with a strong price reduction, and grant the admission to the Museum's The Age of Dinosaurs Gallery and Science Center. Make your booking before the early bird discount deadline and SAVE!

  • Deadline: Saturday, May 23, 2015
  • Discount: NT$250 for 2 (Original Price NT$500), NT$150 for 1 (Original Price NT$250)

March 3‧Announcement
Children's Discovery Room Closure
From March 3 – 31 the Children's Discovery Room located on the 5th floor of the Science Center is closed for refurbishment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

February 25‧Announcement
IMAX Space Theater Closure
The Magic of PlantsThe Museum is about to begin renovations to our IMAX Space Theater at the Science Center. This will lead to the theater closing from April 20 to June 30, 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience that will cause.

February 25‧Announcement
"Brown Bag" Lunch Area Closure
The Magic of PlantsThe "Brown Bag" Lunch Area (the original Ya-yuan Restaurant) on the 2nd floor of the Global Environment Hall will be closed for a special event on Saturday, March 28, 11am - 1pm. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

February 20‧Exhibition
Penghu 1 - The First Archaic Homo from Taiwan
The Magic of PlantsThe National Museum of Natural Science is putting a fossil jawbone of the first ancient hominid from Taiwan on display. Take a closer look at this ancient human fossil dubbed Penghu 1. You can also see fossils of Bubalus teilhardi, Palaeoloxodon huaihoensis, Crocuta crocuta ultima, Elaphurus davidianus, and Cervus axis from the Penghu Channel. The exhibit will be beside the Sunshine Pathway until April 12.

February 5‧Exhibition
The Magic of Plants
The Magic of PlantsPeople and plants have been weaving magic together since the Paleolithic. The National Museum of Natural Science invites visitors to explore the magic world of plants with interactive booths and educational commentaries. “The Magic of Plants” was a very popular exhibition organized and presented by the National Taiwan Museum last year, and will be on view at the Museum's 4th gallery (Thursday, Feb. 5 – Sunday, Apr. 12) and 1st gallery (Tuesday, Apr. 28 – Sunday, Jun. 14).

January 30‧Exhibition
DaDa's Magic Land
Gallery ClosureDaDa's Magic Land presents optoelectronics in motion, an interactive exhibit that blends science, art and innovation, opening Saturday, January 31. After a major renovation that lasted 4 months, the Land located on B1 of the Science Center is now the largest and most important place for informal learning about optoelectronics in Taiwan. Come and you'll find that optoelectronics is all around and part of our daily life.

January 28‧Event
4D Birth of the Dinosaurs
4D Birth of the DinosaursTo attract and engage more people in natural science, the Museum creates an interactive environment for the current special exhibition “Birth of the Dinosaurs - Egg and Embryo Fossils from China” in partnership with Chunghwa Telecom, a leading integrated telecommunications service provider in Taiwan. Step back in time 66 million years and watch dinosaurs come to life…. all around you! These huge creatures will disappear as “Birth of the Dinosaurs” ends on Apr. 15, 2015.

January 28‧Event
Museum Adventure Pass
Museum Adventure PassThe "Museum Adventure Pass" presented by MOE and MOC is a partnership program between Taiwan's 19 public museums, libraries, and arts & cultural organizations. The program is designed to enhance the learning experience for people of all ages through books, exhibits, lectures, camps, and films, and to provide complimentary access to arts and cultural organizations. Beginning on Jan. 21, "Museum Adventure Pass" will be available through Mar. 31.

January 28‧Announcement
The Significance of Penghu 1
The Significance of Penghu 1The first known prehistoric human from Taiwan is reported in Nature Communications this week. This ancient human fossil, now dubbed Penghu 1, can represent a new human species or a regional group of “Upright Man” and help fill a geographical gap in the Asian fossil record and highlight the diversity of ancient humans living in this region during the Pleistocene era. We are proud to announce that Chang Chun-hsiang, the Museum’s Head of Geology Dept. is the lead author of the paper “The first archaic Homo from Taiwan”. Click here for full article.

January 7‧Announcement
Taiwan-US study sheds light on species extinction
Taiwan-US study sheds light on species extinctionA study on the extinction of passenger pigeons by researchers from Taiwan and the U.S. was the subject of a top 10 story for 2014 selected by Washington-based National Academy of Sciences. The paper “Drastic Population Fluctuations Explain the Rapid Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon” received wide media coverage. We are proud to announce that Dr. Huang Wen-shan, Head of the Museum’s Biology Department, is one member of the comprised team.

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