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Academic Monographs

  1. Collection and Research (annual periodicals): a professional research journal dedicated to natural history and natural science topics.
  2. Special science publications and supplements
  3. Shellfish/Mollusk Fossils of Taiwan


  1. NMNS Newsletter (monthly): up-to-date reports on the museum's news and developments. In March, June, September and December an exhibits and edu-cation newsletter is published to report on special exhibits and science education activities.
  2. Museology Quarterly: A periodical created to research and promote museology and museum technologies (published in January, April, July and October).

Guidebooks, educational materials, publications for the general public and e-newsletter.

The publications listed here can be purchased in the museum's bookstores and gift shops. In addition, the museum's publications are sold at the San-min Bookstore and Main TTV branch of the Guo-jia Bookstore in Taipei, at the Wu-nan Bookstore in Taichung, at the Sin Jin-sing Bookstore in Jhanghua and at the Cing-nian Bookstore in Kaohsiung. Or, for mail order purchases, contact the museum directly at (04) 2322-6940 ext. 354.

Prices are subject to change.

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