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Q. Is the Museum open year-round?
Yes, the Museum is open year-round. It is open Tuesdays through Sundays, and is closed on Mondays (except Monday national holidays like New Year Holidays and Double Tenth, and Mid-autumn and Dragon Boat Festivals, or their deferred holidays). It is also closed on Chinese New Year' Eve and Chinese New Year's Day.
Q. Is there an admission fee to enter the Museum?
There is no admission fee to enter the Museum's grounds, but fees for venues and exhibitions are required. Yet, it is free to enter the Museum's galleries from 9:00 - 10:00am on Wednesdays, excluding the IMAX Theater, 3-D Theater, the conservatory, and some temporary exhibitions. See Admission Fees for more information.
Q. How can I purchase tickets for a group?
Please call our box office at 04-2322-6940 ext. 284, 345, or 573, Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm to purchase tickets to IMAX or 3D Theater for groups of 20 or more. See Booking for details. Tickets to galleries or the conservatory can be purchased on site.
Q. How do I receive my tickets?
You may pick them up at the box office located next to the Space IMAX Theater. Please note: tickets cannot be mailed to you. You have to pick them up in person at least an hour ahead of the show time. The box office is open only during regular Museum hours.
Q. Do I need reservations or tickets for special exhibitions at the Museum?
Most special exhibitions are free with general admission, and do not require a special ticket or advance reservation. Only few of them are otherwise as posted.
Q. Is it easy to get to the Museum? How do I get there? Do you offer shuttles between Taipei and Taichung?
The Museum, located at Guancian Road in Taichung City, is easy to reach from throughout the island. See Directions. We don't offer any shuttles.
Q. Does the Museum have a parking garage available to visitors?
Yes. Parking is not very difficult here, especially on weekdays. For locations and fees, see Parking.
Q. Does the Museum offer tours in languages other than Chinese daily? Are they free?
No, we don't offer tours in foreign languages daily. You have to make an appointment with our Information Center in advance. Currently, we offer free guided tours in English and Japanese.
Q. Does the Museum offer a self-guided audio tour in languages other than Chinese?
Yes. The audio guide, available for rental at the Sunshine Information Center in the Life Science Hall, provides information about the Museum's permanent collection as well as selected special exhibitions. But as a general rule, audio tours of special exhibitions are recorded only in Mandarin. See Access Guide for details.
Q. What types of films are shown at the Museum?
For general information about films presented at the Museum, see Theaters.
Q. Do I need to obtain tickets for a film in advance?
Films presented at the Space IMAX Theater and 3D Theater require tickets half an hour before screening. However, films presented at the Bird's-I-View and Environment Theater are free with Museum admission and do not require tickets. See Theaters for further information.
Q. What dining options are available at the Museum?
The Museum offers a wide variety of dining options. For information including hours, locations, and telephone numbers, see Eating and Drinking.
Q. Are accommodations for groups available within the Museum?
No. We don't offer accommodations for eating bag lunches within the Museum complex. And, it is necessary to clean up if you choose eating your own provisions on our beautiful grounds.
Q. What is your suggestive route for a one-day tour or half-day tour?
If you are going to spend a whole day at the Museum, our suggestive route is: Global Environment Hall and Chinese Science Hall → IMAX and 3D Theaters → Botanical Garden. Half-day tour: IMAX and 3D Theaters → Botanical Garden, or IMAX and 3D Theaters → Galleries.
Q. What is the NMNS' average annual attendance?
Over the past several years, attendance at the Museum (including the Main Building, the Botanical Garden, and the 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan) has averaged three million. For detailed figures, please see our Attendance page.
Q. Approximately how many objects and specimens in the Museum's collection?
We have almost one million objects and specimens in our collection. For further information on the collection, see Research & Collections.
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