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Q. Where can I find and order Museum publications?
The Museum shops carry many of the popular titles published by the National Museum of Natural Science. Visit Publications for subscription guidelines to the Museum's popular magazine or more information.
Q. How can I apply for copyright permission to use material from a Museum publication?
For requests to reprint, reproduce, or otherwise use any material from the Museum's publications, e-mail the Museum's library at Be sure to include the article title, author, and issue information as well as a detailed description of the planned usage.
Q. Does the Museum appraise objects and artifacts?
The Museum and its scientific staff are not available to authenticate or perform appraisals of any artifacts for the public. You may wish to contact the ROC Gems Grading Laboratory (Chinese web site) to get more information on certain types of appraisals.
Q. Can I contact a scientist at the Museum?
Unfortunately, the Museum's scientific community is not available to be contacted directly. However, you can learn more about some of the scientists associated with the Museum at the Research and Works Website.
Q. What is the Museum's website Copyright Policy?
All text, images, and software code on this website are copyright property of the National Museum of Natural Science and its programmers unless otherwise noted. They may be used for the personal education of website visitors. They may not be placed in the public domain. Any commercial reproduction, redistribution, publication, or other use by electronic means or otherwise is prohibited unless pursuant to a written license signed by the Museum.
Q. I would like to obtain information on an artifact in my possession. How can I do this?
The Museum and its staff members are available to answer questions or identify artifacts of any kind at the Naturalist Center.
Q. Can I host an event at the Museum?
Yes. Both individuals and corporations may rent the lecture rooms, galleries at the Museum, and its grounds and Botanical Garden. A portion of the rental fee may be considered tax-deductible. For further information, please call (or email) the Museum at 04-2322-6940.
Q. Can I take my wedding photographs at the Museum's grounds?
Yes, you are absolutely welcome!
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