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A number of special arrangements have been put in place to welcome disabled visitors to the Museum. These include special services (for example, parking spaces, the loan of wheelchairs, and ramped paths… etc.) and adapted cultural activities (guided tours and workshops). The museum wishes to reach out to visitors with special needs and wants very much to provide them with a quality visiting experience, regardless of their disability.

For Visitors with Mobility Impairments

In the front of both parking lots on Shi-tun Rd. and Bou-kuan Rd., we have free parking spaces for visitors with mobility impairments. Proof of disability is required.

The following entrances are accessible by wheelchair and have passenger loading zones and curb ramps:

  1. Shi-tun Rd. entrance: on the left side of the plaza (wheelchair accessible)
  2. Guan-cian Rd. entrance: on the left side of the lotus pond (wheelchair accessible)

All of the Museum's exhibitions are accessible by wheelchair, and all public floors of the Museum can be reached by elevator.

All theaters include wheelchair locations and companion seats.

All food service areas are accessible by wheelchair with no steps, turnstiles, or other potential obstructions.

Restrooms, water fountains and public telephones are moderately accessible for visitors with mobility impairments.

Wheelchairs are available for visitor use on a first-come, first-served basis at the Sunshine Information Desk in the lobby of the Life Science Hall.

For Visitors Who Are Hard of Hearing or Seeing

For visitors who are blind or partially sighted, there are guide paths around the Museum’s grounds, and we are trying to equip the elevators with Braille signage and give auditory signals. Also, we are thinking to renew some permanent galleries with touchable exhibits.

We feel sorry for those who are hard of hearing or deaf, because we don’t have any assistive listening devices at present. However, we are planning to purchase infrared headsets and neck loops for their use.

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