National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan
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National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan
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There are two information desks with knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff and volunteers in the Museum complex. They are on the front lines interacting with visitors of all ages on a daily basis. They not only welcome NMNS visitors but also provide information and answer questions about NMNS – its exhibitions, activities, and services. You can identify them easily by their white-and-black uniforms, yellow-and-green neckerchiefs, and name badges.

Main Information Center
The new Main Information Center is conveniently located on the right side after the main entrance to the Life Science Hall. Here you can

Floor Plan

  • get general Museum information.
  • find brochures, newsletters, and a variety of publications of the Museum.
  • borrow strollers or wheelchairs for free with an ID as a deposit.
  • buy or renew a Museum membership.
  • check for your lost articles, including pre-school children.
  • find hot water and mosquito spray

Hsi-tun Information Desk
Floor Plan The Hsi-tun Information Desk is located right after the Museum entrance on Hsi-tun Road. Here you can

  • get general Museum information.
  • find brochures.
  • find mosquito spray.
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