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::: NMNS Visitor Rules and Regulations

  1. The National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS) strives to maintain a safe, comfortable, and respectful environment for all visitors. We also take our role as guardians of the objects in our collection very seriously. Please enjoy all that NMNS has to offer and observe the rules and regulations listed here.
  2. NMNS includes the Museum, the Botanical Garden, and its three Education Parks (921 Earthquake Education Park @ Wufong, Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park @ Chushan, and Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Education Park @ Lugu).
  3. Visitors are prohibited from entering or staying on NMNS grounds, who:
    • Consume alcoholic drinks, smoke, or any contraband goods. 
    • Have infectious diseases or heavy illnesses without accompanying people. 
    • Possess weapons, items and substances which may pose a danger to life, health, or safety. 
    • Dress or conduct inappropriately. 
    • Litter or pollute the Museum promises (including improper disposal of chewing gums or beetle nuts). 
    • Cause any sort of disturbance (including running, yelling…) 
    • Use vehicles of any kind (the prohibition does not apply to wheelchairs and baby pushchairs). 
    • Enter with animals; either walked or carried (the prohibition does not apply to guide dogs accompanying disabled persons). 
    • Enter with flags on poles, banners, posters, advertisements; conduct canvassing or door-to-door sales. 
    • Enter blocks and other structures in the NMNS. 
    • Destroy, damage, or remove any property of NMNS. 
    • Pose threats to artifact safety or order considered by NMNS.
  4. We warmly welcome you on your visit to NMNS. In the interests of the safety, wellbeing and security of all our visitors we require that you abide by these regulations. Legal measures will be taken against persons who do not follow these rules.
  5. NMNS and all the structures and items located on the grounds make up an integral whole protected by law. No visitor shall destroy, damage, or remove any property of NMNS. Visitors who violate this rule may be subject to fine or imprisonment.
  6. Construction activities on NMNS grounds must be conducted in compliance with our applicable policies, standards, and guidelines.
  7. No vehicle operator, including museum employees, shall park a vehicle that violates any of the parking rules made by NMNS or BOT manufacturers.
  8. Rentals of NMNS grounds are generally granted when regulations are met. Failure to comply with any of our regulations can result in event cancellation by NMNS.
  9. Unauthorized distribution, transmission, or republication of hydroelectric engineering on NMNS grounds is strictly prohibited.
  10. At times of natural disasters (such as typhoons and earthquakes) or force majeure incidents (such as civil disturbances and explosions) NMNS will close part or all of its facilities and grounds.
  11. The Museum along with its Botanical Garden and three Education Parks reserve the rights to issue and revise their own visitor notices if necessary.
  12. NMNS Visitor Rules and Regulations was passed by NMNS Affairs Meeting and has received the approval from the Director. The same procedure will apply for subsequent amendments.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us. If you need assistance while you are here, please feel free to ask our Visitor Services Representative in the galleries or at the Information Desk, or relevant staff. NMNS is not responsible for any damages to any person as a result of not adhering to these rules and regulations. We wish you a memorable and enjoyable visit to NMNS.

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