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the Environment Theater

For two decades, the theater has provided the public with a view of the nature and knowledge of our planet. To go green, to treasure human’s intangible cultural heritage, the facility had undergone extensive renovations and now presents The Risk of Global Warming, Global Warming Reflections, and Sustainable Fisheries. They are all-new multimedia show produced by local scientists and photographers. The former two launch audiences to experience the effects of atmospheric temperature rise, and its impact on human, animals and plants, while the last one reminds people of treasuring human’s intangible cultural heritages.

Major renovations have modernized the facility in an effort to better sever audiences and meanwhile to become an eco-friendly consumer. Twenty-eight projectors, six lasers, twelve mini screens, two gigantic LED displays, a rotated stage, and an interactive computer station, featuring the early warning signs of global warming such as coral reef bleaching, downpours, heavy snowfall, glaciers melting, droughts, fires…and their impacts on the Earth, allow audiences to access information about, perhaps, the greatest threat to our planet. Most important of all, the whole new equipment designed and assembled by the Museum staff, upgrades the film effects but saves half of electricity than before.

"The Environment Theater is a totally new green facility with state-of-the-art computer equipment," explains Wang Yung-shen, manager of the Environment Theater. "We display some pictures of Typhoon Morokat devastating southern Taiwan, hoping to remind our audiences of the impact of global warming on Taiwan. Yes, global warming is happening! We can either live in the crisis or do our part to change it. Let's make a difference starting with ourselves."

  • Admission to the Environment Theater is free with the exhibition gallery ticket.
  • Every show with maximum of 146 persons.
  • Group booking accepted Tuesday – Friday (maximum of 80 persons).
  • Group booking not accepted on weekends, holidays, and during vacations.
  • Toll-free call for group booking: 0800-432310.
  • Showtimes:
    Global Warming Reflections10:00, 13:00, 16:00
    Sustainable Fisheries11:00, 14:00
    The Risk of Global Warming12:00, 15:00
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