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::: 2008-2009

Singing Insects Singing Insects  
July 1 - December 27, 2009
The comprehensive exhibition satisfies not only to your eyes, but also to your ears. Try to explore the diverse world of singing insects.

The Good Old Times of Lukang The Good Old Times of Lukang  
April 21 – November 29, 2009
Immerse yourself in the good old memories of Lukang with some 150 photographs by Tsan-Tse Hsu and explore more about this old charming town.

The Deep The Deep  
August 4 – November 4, 2009
The Deep invites visitors to the deep-sea darkness, which we hope be a chance to think about the Earth and consider the grand scale of time it encompasses.

Aglaonema Aglaonema  
June 24 - November 1, 2009
This delightful exhibition introduces visitors to the colorful and richly diverse world of Aglaonema, a lucky foliage plant to Chinese people.

June 19 – October 11, 2009
The most in-depth exhibition ever mounted on Charles Darwin. Discover the man and his revolutionary theory that changed the course of science and society.

The God of Earth in TaiwanThe God of Earth in Taiwan
December 29, 2008 – June 21, 2009
This exhibition features 30 striking photographs of the earth god's shrines or temples and the god's statues made of various materials.

Ju Ming’s Living World Series - ScientistJu Ming’s Living World Series - Scientist
February 21 – May 31, 2009
Ju Ming, a renowned Taiwanese sculptor, shows his new perspective and new designs, as well as three-dimensional color transformations in his works of the Living World Series.

Ancient Pottery of the Paiwan Tribe in TaiwanAncient Pottery of the Paiwan Tribe in Taiwan
January 21 – May 17, 2009
It explores the arts and cultures of the Paiwan tribe. More than 50 pottery objects are featured. Also highlighted are clay pieces of San-hao Culture borrowed from Taiwan Prehistory Museum.

Orchid ShowOrchid Show 
March 12 – May 4, 2009
Explore the rich and colorful world of this exquisite plant, and learn how Phalaenopsis industry forms and develops in Taiwan.

Orchid ShowDarwin NOW 
April 16 – May 1, 2009
Darwin Now explores the creative and influential thinker’s life, foundational theory and ideas, and demonstrates how they continue to affect our modern world.

Miao's CyclesMiao's Cycles  
Oct. 24,2008 – April 5, 2009
Featuring 61 color photographs of the festivals of the Miao peoples from the southwestern part of China, the exhibition provides an unparalleled view of the diversity of the Miao peoples' festivals.

The Epic Stitched on Miao's ClothesThe Epic Stitched on Miao's Clothes
July 31 – March 15, 2009
It explores the amazing culture of clothing in the mountainous Guizhou, China. This exhibition examines the historic diversity of the many Miao branches.

Mammoth ExhibitionMammoth  
November 28, 2008 – March 1, 2009
The largest paleontological show takes everyone’s breath away. In addition to Yukagir and Oymiakon, the two woolly mammoths, more than 100 precious fossil specimens are on display.

Snapshots of Bird BehaviorSnapshots of Bird Behavior   
Oct. 3 – Dec. 21, 2008
The images displayed in this exhibition reveal a variety of bird behaviors that even scientists do not usually see. Join us in celebrating this unique blend of natural history and leading photographic skills.

Chinese WushuChinese Wushu  
July 22, 2008 – December 14, 2008
The exhibition on exercise science leads the public to a fantastic world and makes the public understand wushu's value in health-building.

The World of LightThe World of Light  
August 7 - November 30, 2008
What is light? How light works? This new exhibition gives an in-depth look at the different aspects of light and its application in our daily life.

July 4 – October 19, 2008
Vaka Moana - The untold story of the world's greatest exploration. Vaka Moana is the incredible story of the exploration of the Pacific. Explore the dramatic story of the world's greatest human migration.

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