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The Sky Guard of Taiwan and the World The Sky Guard of Taiwan and the World
September 12 - December 7, 2014
It is an exciting travelling exhibition that is hosted by NSPO to celebrate FORMOSAT-2's 10-year in-orbit operations.

Journey to the Depths of the Earth Journey to the Depths of the Earth: A Geological Adventure
July 15 - November 23, 2014
Are you inquisitive and have you had a marvelous imagination of traveling to the far depths of the Earth? The exhibition will tell the story of our land.
Story of Water Story of Water
July 11 - November 23, 2014
How do the scientists and engineers find water, broaden human horizons and solve water-related problems? Find out the answers in this extraordinary exhibition.

Plant Galls Plant Galls
July 7 - August 31, 2014  
Learn about symptoms, diagnosis, and life cycle of the abnormal growths that occur on the plant's leaves, twigs, buds, stems, or roots through various ways.

Large Medicinal Fungi Large Medicinal Fungi  
July 26, 2013 - August 24, 2014
The first major exhibition in Taiwan to focus on the fascinating and diverse world of large medicinal fungi and their relationship with humans and the planet.

Ends of the Earth Ends of the Earth: the North and South Poles  
May 14 - September 14, 2014
Explore life adaptations in the Polar Regions. Learn about the compelling stories of the polar explorers and the Titanic, and ways to help save the Earth.

Taiwanese Quinoa Granary Jewelry Taiwanese Quinoa  
April 10 - June 15, 2014
Taiwanese Quinoa, known as djulis, is called ‘the ruby of cereals’. Explore its history, value, uses, and cultivation, and learn how to tell a good diet from a bad one.

Comet ISON Comet ISON  
October 25, 2013 - Mid June, 2014
Explore the interesting and popular space phenomenon. The exhibition answers you a complex array of questions about comets.

Amazing New Visions: Science Images Exhibition Amazing New Visions: Science Images Exhibition  
January 4 - June 8, 2014
We are facing scientific phenomena everywhere. This Science Images exhibition aims to give you an opportunity to freeze them for eternity.

Alice's Games Alice's Games  
March 15 - June 2, 2014
The exhibition providing rich, developmentally appropriate learning experience in science and literacy will inspire and motivate people of any ages, especially children, to achieve their full potential.

DNA DNA Files: Decoding Natural History  
December 11, 2013 - April 20, 2014
Explore the secret relationships between living organisms, identity two mechanisms of genetic change, and know how each affects genetic variation.

Flower Season Flower Season  
April 3 - 13, 2014
A combination of science and floral art! Explore the colorful world of floral art and witness the originality and technique in European floral designs.

Sunshine Moving Elementary School Sunshine Moving Elementary School  
February 27 - April 9, 2014
A touring exhibition which provides kids and their families with easy lifestyle changes they can make to be more environmentally responsible.

Camellias Display in Spring Camellias Display in Spring  
December 31, 2013 - February 16, 2014
Take a glance at the Queen of Ornament, learn about a brief history of the camellia, and find out the gardening tips for camellias such as soil, watering, fertilizing, and pruning.

Herbs Herbs  
January 10 - February 16, 2014
Discover how cultures around the world rely on plants for everything from medicine to cosmetics on a journey of the senses.

The Science of Aliens The Science of Aliens  
November 2, 2013 - February 9, 2014
Explore the facts and challenge the fiction about life in the universe, as well as experience in-depth exploration of the vastness of the Milk Way.

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