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Welcome to the Botanical Garden of National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS)

A green oasis in a sea of buildings and traffic and an urban oasis in the heart of Taichung

The mission of the Botanical Garden of NMNS is to display and protect the floral biodiversity of Taiwan by existing as an information resource for the community, government and science, and to be a place of beauty for all visitors to enjoy. We also aim to cultivate, promote, research and enable the research of tropical and subtropical flora and its conservation with an emphasis on our native species and their habitats.

With its collection of some eight hundred plant species and cultivars, twelve gardens specific to plant ecology of Taiwan, a tropical rainforest conservatory, and teams of researchers and activities staff, the Botanical Garden at the NMNS ranks as one of the nation’s largest and most spectacular botanical gardens in Taiwan.

The Garden welcomes some half one million visitors annually to its 4.5 hectares of award-winning gardens, woodlands, streams, ponds and walking trails. No matter what the season, visitors to the Garden are sure to be captivated by the colors and fragrances from around Taiwan as they wander from the carol reefs to the littoral forest or lowlands. In addition to plant ecology of Taiwan, visitors can get a better understanding about tropical rainforest. Sign up for an education program and learn about gardening. Take a close look at the mascot flower of the Museum --- Lilium speciosum var. gloriosoides. Buy souvenirs at our garden shop… there’s something for everyone at the Garden.

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