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::: Digital Archives & E-Learning Center

The National Museum of Natural Science has been a leader in digital archives and e-learning since the 2008 Taiwan e-learning and Digital Archives Program (TELDAP), which aims to creatively promote national digital archives and e-learning applications, facilitate the development of Taiwan's culture, society, industry, and economy, disseminate Taiwan's experience in the global community to expand its visibility on the international stage; and sustainably manage national cultural assets as well as develop e-learning applications in industries, academic research, and education. To expand the sustainability of TELDAP, the Museum reforms the original Sunshine Information Desk in the Lobby of Life Science Hall into the Digital Archives & E-Learning Center to bring its array of forward-thinking online education initiatives.

The center offers visitors a great inspiring learning space, where they can experience a wide range of sessions such as object handling, storytelling and role-play, as well as blended learning using digital cameras and camcorders, PlayStation Portables, iPods and mobile phones.

"The center shares the Museum's collections and research and customisable classroom materials with visitors," said Dr. Hsu Dian-yu, curator at the Museum's Information Division and the chief of the Museum's e-learning & digital archives program. "The rapidly evolving set of technologies around e-learning presents a great opportunity both to bring what we do at the Museum to a much larger set of learners and to enhance the quality of learning at the Museum. This is a way to save our visitors a lot of time and energy without giving up anything in terms of quality," noted Hsu. "There are plenty of fascinating things about museums. In fact, museums have been one of the few places where adults and children could experience informal or free-choice learning. The museum visitor who delves into online learning after the visit can re-kindle the excitement of the museum experience and be more highly motivated to undertake additional museum visits in the future," Hsu said.

The Digital Archives & E-Learning Center is your online resource for the independent study of the National Museum of Natural Science, particularly for fans both of museums and e-learning.

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