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::: The Wonders of Taiwan’s Ecology

The Wonders of Taiwan’s Ecology

With the natural environment of a subtropical island and its mountainous topography, Taiwan is very vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and its ecosystem is quite diverse relatively. Through dioramas and detailed explanations, our Ecology Gallery introduces four unique ecosystems in Taiwan -- Da-jia River basin, Lian-hua-chih broad-leaved forest, An-ma-shan cloud forest and Nan-hu valley.

The Da-jia River basin: a salty marsh in central Taiwan

The Lian-hua-chih broad-leaved forest: the reason why Taiwan is referred to as a subtropical island

The An-ma-shan cloud forest: a warm and rainy mid-elevated temperate forest

The Nan-hu valley: a frigid area in tropical zone

Visitors can take a look at how different between them and the Borneo mangrove, the Costa Rican rainforest, the Manchurian temperate forest, and the Canadian tundra, which we have introduced at Life on Earth Gallery. You will be astonished at how interesting it is!

Taiwan's Ecology, Life on Earth and the nearby Classroom Theaters create the opportunity for visitors to explore global and local ecosystems as well. Through lively exhibits, creative activities, and seemingly real scenes, visitors are able to take a look at the beauty of the world’s and Taiwan's natural habitats, and the impact we are having on our environment and what we can do about it.

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