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    For most of their early history, humans survived as foragers or hunter-gatherers. However, around 10,000 years ago in many areas of the world, there was a shift in human endeavor from foraging to farming. Why this happened is unknown, but the ability to produce food led to a huge change in humans' life.

    Use the navigation at the left side of this site to find out more about the origins of agriculture, explore agriculture in China, take a close look at the story of Taiwan's agriculture, or to learn about some agricultural features of Taiwan.

    The restoration of The Agricultural Ecology Hall is made possible by the hard work of the Museum staff, especially staff at the Anthropology, Botany, and Zoology Divisions. The Museum gratefully acknowledges the Agriculture and Food Agency in the realization of this project and to provide lots of precious materials to equip with the Hall. Significant support also provided by Mr. Lin Chian-cheng. His works of the cupper sculpture of a Taiwan water buffalo adds beauty and artistic taste to the Hall.

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