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::: Classroom Theater Programs and Thematic Activities

Classroom Theater Programs and Thematic Activities

The Museum's Classroom Theater is equipped with multimedia technology and has a variety of specimens, sophisticated models and experiment devices. In an entertaining yet educational manner, the Classroom Theater ties in with the Museum's exhibits and guided tours to provide audience with opportunities to learn through clear, substantial and diverse programs and activities.

  • The Dynamic Earth For 2003, the Classroom Theater designed a variety of new programs that covered different topics, such as mudslides, typhoons, panda and the eriophyoid mites of Taiwan. For 2004, new programs explored fungi, imported fire ants and other subjects.
  • In conjunction with the new programs for the biennium 2003-2004, there were a variety of thematic activities. For instance, January of 2003 focused on typhoons and the Museum held 16 interesting thematic activities that helped participants learn about typhoons. To tie in with an exhibit of panda in March, a "Save the Giant Panda" activity explored how the endangered animal survived.
  • Exploring the Ocean For the biennium 2003-2004, other thematic activities included "Science Club Tour", whichwas a diverse program that integrated the Museum's exhibits, facilities and resources, and extended to computer applications and field trips. In the summer of 2003, other programs named "Silkworms and Cocoons" guided students to explore earth sciences and encouraged them to develop life skills and conservation concepts.
  • In 2004, the Science Club Tour focused on "fungi" and took participants to observe in person the growth and applications of edible fungi.
  • Underground Treasures Using puppetry performances and programs, the Classroom Theater taught participants about the significance of the Dadu estuary in Taichung area. A jeopardy game allowed participants to explore the importance of water resources and environmental conservation through fun activities.
  • To encourage the general public participate in classroom theater programs and enhance their understanding of mudslides, the Classroom Theater held a series of science demonstrations to explain law of conservation of angular momentum and distribution patterns of stones in a mudslide. This program aimed to stimulate participants' interest in science and develop their critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills.
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