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National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan
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Visit Permanent Exhibitions

Guided Tours on Holidays
::: Guided tours to permanent exhibitions

Guided tours are available to enhance a visit to the Museum's permanent exhibitions as follows:

  1. Guided tour: "2004 Science Week: Shapes" The Science Center: Exploring Science, Integrated Circuits, Astronomy and Weather, and the Fantastic World of Matter.
  2. The Life Science Hall: The Gateway to the Living World, the Origin of Life, the Evolution of Plants, Life Takes to the Land, the Age of Dinosaurs, Flight, the Evolution and Adaptability of Mammals, the Story of Man, the Human Body: Birth, Aging, Sickness and Death, Numbers and Forms, Colors in Nature, and Sounds in Nature.
  3. Guided tour: "The Story of Humans" in Life Science Hall The Chinese Science Hall: Chinese Science & Technology, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Agriculture, Chinese Spiritual Life, Ancient Chinese, The Taiwanese Aborigines: The Austronesian Peoples.
  4. The Global Environment Hall: Microscopic World, Life on Earth, Minerals Exhibit, and Mini Zoo.

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