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Subsidizing Elementary and Junior HighSchools in Central and Remote Areas of Taiwan to Visit the Museum

To encourage elementary and junior high schools in central and remote areas of Taiwan to make use of the Museum's exhibits and educational resources and enrich their field trips, student groups that will spend more than four hours in the Museum can make a reservation in advance for programs and activities free of admission charge, and the Museum will also partially subsidize their transportation expenses to the Museum.

Because of the Museum's location, museum visitors primarily come from local areas. Limited budgets and high transportation costs have often barred schools in central Taiwan from using the Museum as their field trip destination. Thus, the Museum will continue its subsidizing policy in the near future. The museum will also encourage field trip instructors to prepare their students in terms of learning content prior to the visit so that greater teaching effectiveness will be attained.

student group visiting the museum

To abridge the difference between urban and rural schools and to encourage schools in remote areas to make field trips to the Museum, visitors from elementary and junior high schools in remote areas of Taiwan can receive a subsidy for their transportation, accommodation and food expenses. Requests for a subsidized visit can be made to the Museum through March-November every year, and the Museum will arrange staff to guide the visit according to individual school needs.

Using statistics of 2004 as an example, only 1 out of 8 schools from remote areas had the chance to visit the Museum with a subsidy. Therefore, to assist underprivileged communities in Taiwan's remote areas, the Museum will continue its subsidy policy in the near future. The Museum will apply for a subsidy from Foundation of National Museum of Natural Science and other institutions if its budget cannot meet requests from rural and remote schools.

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