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In conjunction with the Museum's permanent and special exhibitions, a variety of science demonstrations were held using simple specimens, models and devices to demonstrate interesting scientific theories and phenomena.

Science demonstration Science demonstration

For the biennium 2003-2004, science demonstrations covered a wide range of topics, such as liquid nitrogen, static electricity, human kidney, Ichthyosaurus fossil, insect wings, dinosaur claws, water-driven bellow, Southern-pointed Cart, seismograph, casting, pottery, seeds and fruits, and many others. In particular, a demonstration titled "Bugs and Kids: They are from Jiayi" was held each in August 2003 and January 2004. Teachers and students from Dahu Elementary School and Datong Elementary School in Jiayi had been collecting and raising insects for some time and were familiar with the habits of local insects. Through the coordination of the Museum's Zoology Department and a teacher from Beising Junior High School in Jiayi, they were invited to the Museum to share their experience in raising local insects and this event received very positive feedback.

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