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Collection and Research -- a core function of all museums

Museum studies experts and museum workers all over the world agree that research and education are the missions of museums. Thus, collection and research is a core function of all museums.

In terms of this museum, collection and research are indispensable to its work. Specimens provide evidence to back up academic research and form the basis for discussion. Looking at it from another side, research results can be presented in the form of exhibitions using specimens and related photographs and information. Through educational activities and interpretation of exhibitions, knowledge is passed on to the society.

To satisfy the above missions and to promote understanding of the natural world and evolutionary history among the general public, five departments carry out collection and research work in the museum, specifically in the fields of zoology, botany, geology, anthropology and collection management. These departments work together with the exhibits, science education and administrative departments, in a professional division of labor with integration of functions.

photoes show the charateristics of collection and research of NMNS

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