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Future Plans

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  1. Through planned field surveys and collection work, as well as donations, purchases and exchanges, increase the museum's collection and research of natural specimens from Taiwan. In addition, expand the museum's collection and research efforts to Mainland China and Southeast Asia. The museum's collection expansion plan, implemented in 2004, calls for an increase of 60,000 specimens per year. It is estimated that in the next ten years, the museum's collection will reach 1.2 million specimens, making this museum a national and international center for the collection of natural and anthropological specimens and objects.
  2. Recruit curators with research specialties that are in line with the direction of the museum's collection efforts. Carry out research in the areas of taxonomy, evolution and ecology. Advance the museum as a center for scientific research.
  3. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the museum and the academic community. Provide the museum's collection of natural specimens for academic research by domestic and foreign scholars. Establish good working relationships with important collection and research centers throughout the world. Participate in the exchange of research information and specimens to raise the museum's international standing.
  4. Actively develop value-added applications of specimens and digital content. Through exhibitions and educational activities, present advances in natural science and important research achievements to the public.
Visitors can get closer with the collections from 'Behind the Scene Exhibition'
Visitors can get closer with the collections from "Behind the Scene Exhibition"
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