National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan
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National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan
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Thank you for your interest in the National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS).

To contact the NMNS, please fill out the following form completely. Choose the appropriate department from the dropdown menu.

NMNS receives many E-mail questions each day, so choosing your inquiry to the appropriate department will significantly increase your chances of receiving a reply. Please be brief, yet specific enough that your inquiry can be answered. Please note that NMNS does not have the resources to answer all E-mail inquiries, and inquiries that request all information on a particular topic cannot be accommodated.

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Help! My question wasn’t answered.
If the information you need doesn't fall within any of the categories listed above, or your question could not be answered by any of the preceding information, please call (04) 2322-6940 to speak with a Museum operator.

Museum Address and Phone Listings
National Museum of Natural Science
1, Guancian Rd., Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C

Main phone line: (04)2322-6940
‧Space Center Ext. 283
‧Life Science Hall Ext. 398
‧Human Cultures & Global Environment Halls Ext. 598
‧Botanical Garden Ext. 170
‧Administrative Offices Ext. 294, 351
‧Information Building Ext. 794
‧Discovery Room Ext. 259, 260
‧Naturalist Center Ext. 545
‧Sunshine Information Desk Ext. 596
‧Outreach Programs Ext. 660
‧School Visits Ext. 329
‧Booking for Theaters (individuals) 0800-432-307, 0800-432-308
‧Booking for Theaters (groups) 0800-432-310, 0800-432-311
‧Booking for Guided Tours & Theater Classrooms
‧Booking for Events at the Garden Ext. 166
‧Ming Tien Cafe Ext. 293
‧McDonald's Ext. 339, FAX:(04)23295635
‧Ya-yuan Restaurant Ext. 538, FAX:(04)23232252
‧Paleo Wonders Ext. 565

Data protection
The National Museum of Natural Science will hold the information you provide for the purposes of answering your query only. To learn more about how we protect your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.

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