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The P'uma's Camera

Since 2013, photographer Hayung Cheng has been promoting a children's photography program. Unlike typical photography courses that focus on techniques such as composition and camera settings, Hayung combines static classroom instruction with dynamic outdoor sessions. The aim is not to limit children's imagination through "techniques," but rather to allow them to freely capture the world as they see it based on their own feelings. Hayung's photography classes have been ongoing in 2021.

On a large rock, a small ant crawls slowly, highlighting the contrast between the big and the small and allowing people to see the vastness of the world. A wall painted with grass and ladybugs brings a vibrant energy to an otherwise silent world. A snail calmly rests on a tree trunk, showcasing the resilience of life. These are things that adults easily overlook, but through the eyes of these children, who possess the keen eyes of hunters, they capture and conceive unexpected moments, presenting one perfect image after another.

Principal Pilin Yapu says that photography education is actually part of character education, as children's emotions and inner worlds can be reflected in their photographic works.

Now, let us enter the "nya t'xan na P'uma ."

2023/09/27 Updated