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Privacy and Information Security Policy

The National Museum of Natural Science respects your rights to privacy and information security when using the Internet. Please read the following information carefully to understand how this museum works to create secure services on its website and how it collects, uses, and protects personal information. If you have any comments or questions, please share them with us via the Contact Us messaging service. 

Scope of Application
Scope of Application

This privacy and information security policy is expressly for the collection, use, and protection of personal data on the website of the National Museum of Natural Science. On this website are links to other websites. This museum’s privacy and information security policy does not apply to those websites. For those websites, refer to their privacy and information security policy. 

Data collection and usage policy
  1. Personal identifying information is not collected if simply browsing this website or downloading files from it. 
  2. When using the services provided on this website, if needed you will be asked to provide relevant personal information, including ID number, telephone number, name, gender, date of birth, location (county or city), and e-mail address.
  3. IP addresses and information such as pages browsed by users of this website are collected to analyze website traffic and Internet use only, so as to elevate the service quality of this website. User information is analyzed collectively. No individual user data is analyzed. 
Information security policy

Unauthorized uploading or attempt to alter the services provided on this website or relevant information is strictly prohibited and may be a criminal offense. For the purpose of website security and to ensure that this website can continue to provide service to all Internet users, the following information security measures are implemented:

  1. Using a network intrusion detection system with monitoring of network traffic, we identify unauthorized uploads or attempts to alter the information on a web page or to hack this website.
  2. A firewall has been installed to control data transmission and resource access from external and internal networks. If necessary, externally accessed data is provided via proxy server to prevent anyone from outside directly entering the information system or database and obtaining information, as well as to prevent illegal use of this website to protect the rights and interests of users.
  3. Backing up of data is done on a regular basis and all data is backed up on a backup server.
  4. When informed of an information security vulnerability in the operating system or a programming bug, we perform the recommended debugging operation or apply the recommended security patch.
  5. Awareness among staff members is elevated to prevent data leakages, implement daily maintenance procedures, and ensure service availability. This museum conducts information security education and training to promote awareness of information security among its staff members and strengthen their understanding of their relevant responsibilities. Regular internal and external audits are conducted to ensure that relevant operations are implemented and that this museum’s key and core systems maintain a certain level of usability. 
Privacy protection and security policy
  1. Any personal information obtained during the use of this website will not be sold, exchanged, or rented to another group, individual, or private enterprise.
  2. This privacy protection and information security policy may be amended from time to time. Use of this website will not lead to a reduction in your rights without your express consent. Any changes to this privacy protection and information security policy will be published on this website.
  3. You have the right to inquire about, correct, stop collection of, and delete your personal information. Please send a message through the Contact Us messaging system.
Use of cookies

Cookies refer to small pieces of text sent to a user’s web browser to identify that user’s computer. In the operating instructions for your browser, you can modify the settings to accept or reject cookies. This website’s server sends and receives cookies. If you are not willing to accept cookies, set the privacy level on your browser to high. If you choose to reject cookies, you will be unable to access some of the services on this website, including (but not limited to) the following:

  1. When you use Single Sign-On to authenticate, Cookies help the site recognize your identity so you don't have to re-enter your account and password to stay logged in.
  2. Website usage analyses conducted via Google Analytics provided by Google Inc. Obtaining of statistics regarding numbers of visitors to this site and user browsing patterns and web pages that are browsed to improve our services. 
  3. Use the Ticketing page to keep track of the tickets you've added to your shopping cart so you can easily see what you've purchased at checkout.
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