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The museum is closed on Lunar New Year's Eve and the first day of the Lunar New Year. For details, please refer to the information announcement on the homepage of the website.

The museum is regularly closed on Lunar New Year's Eve. For national or make-up holidays it is opened on Monday.

How long will it take to get it done? How much does it cost? What is the validity period? Card application location: General Service Center next to the entrance of the Life Science Hall. Fee: NT$300. Time to apply for a card: Bring your personal ID, and you can get the card on the spot. The time for making the card is about five minutes. Validity period: valid for one year from the day the card is issued, unlimited visits.

As long as it is within the validity period, it can be reissued. Please bring your personal ID card and go to the General Service Center next to the entrance of the Life Science Hall. Chip card replacement fee: NT$100 per person each time.

Volunteers are recruited in September each year. Related information is available on our website. Since the Museum is a place of offering services to the public, we will consider the physical load and health status of retirees aged 65-70 when they apply.

Please call (04-23226940 ext. 786), and then apply by a letter from the school.

In order to maintain the condition of the exhibits or the intellectual property rights of the creators, some exhibition areas in this hall will indicate that they cannot take pictures. Please cooperate and pay attention to the prohibiting photography signs.

In order to maintain the quality, hygiene and safety of the exhibition venue and visitors, please do not bring pets into the Museum. The cloakroom of the museum won? accept pets, either.

2022/12/16 Updated