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Traveling Exhibitions

To advocate lifelong learning, promote scientific and cultural education and environmental conservation, as well as to make full use of the educational resources of this museum and expand its functions, this museum accepts applications for special exhibition loans from public and private social education organizations, schools, and companies in Taiwan. 

Exhibition loan procedures: Please refer to the exhibition loan flowchart(PDF).

Procedures before exhibition loan:
First refer to the information regarding special exhibitions available for loan →Read the guidelines for special exhibition loans →call the museum to confirm period of loan →fill out documents for exhibition loan →upon approval of exhibition loan, sign the contract →obtain insurance.

During the exhibition period:
Receive and assemble special exhibition  →open exhibition →provide statistics on visitor numbers and report any abnormalities.

After the exhibition:
report the total number of visitors →disassemble and ship special exhibition →submit special exhibition report. 

CallPlease Contact : 04-23226940 ext. 327

  1. Applicant should read this museum’s special exhibition external loan documents
    Coordination with 2-4 exhibition units as reference. Please refer to the special exhibition external loan guidelines(PDF)
  2. Inquiries about loan period, fees, and assembly methods
    Applicant exhibition loan period proposal. Contact: 04-23226940 ext. 327.
  3. Required documents
    (1) Please attach a floor plan of the exhibition area with application. 
    (2) National Museum of Natural Science special exhibition external loan application form(ODT).
  4. Signing of contract
    Sign the contract upon approval of the application.
  5. Application for insurance
    Insure the special exhibition contents.
  6. Special exhibition transportation and assembly
    Assembly can be coordinated with education and training. The transportation company provides a receipt for transportation fees.
  7. During the exhibition
    Applicant is required to keep track of visitor numbers and to report any issue or abnormality with the exhibition contents.
  8. Special exhibition disassembly and transportation
    Reporting of the total number of visitors. The transportation company provides a receipt for transportation fees.
  9. Assembly and disassembly technician fees
    The accounting office of this museum provides a receipt for fees related to technical assistance with assembly and disassembly of the special exhibition. 
2023/08/09 Updated