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Barrier-free Services

The National Museum of Natural Science is a public lifelong learning institution. Our ultimate goal is to share our exhibitions, educational activities, and other resources with every member of the public. As such, we search for ways to facilitate barrier-free visits to the museum and access to museum resources by persons with disabilities. 

Below is an introduction to the museum’s barrier-free services. We welcome you to refer to and make use of them. 

Discounts on Admission

Anyone presenting valid disability certificate may enter the museum free of charge, including the exhibition halls, Botanical Garden, and Science Center, along with one essential companion (or guardian). Tickets for the Space Theater and 3-D Theater are also free of charge when presenting valid disability certificate at the ticket booth. 

Barrier-Free Services and Recommended Itineraries and Routes

To make the most of your visit, we provide the following suggestions and points for attention:

Services for the Hearing Impaired

This museum attaches great importance to providing outstanding service. Since 2022, it has worked with the Taichung City Association for the Deaf to offer tours with a museum guide accompanied by a sign language interpreter on the third Sunday of every month from 10:00-12:00. Please register at the General Service Center before 10:00 on the day of the tour. 

Please click on the link for monthly tour themes for the year and sign language interpretation service request form. You are welcome to register in advance. You may inquire about tour topics from the office for museum guides of the Science Education Department. Tel: (04) 2322-6940 ext. 767.

  • Recommended routes: Itineraries can be chosen based on personal interest.
  • Note: There are explanatory panels in the museum’s exhibition areas. 
Services for the Visually Impaired
  • Tactile paving
    On the sidewalks around the museum on Boguan Road and Jianxing Road.
  • Barrier-free Internet access
    To achieve full accessibility to the Internet, all government websites must meet barrier-free web page design standards. These include web page text in Braille or audio form. Images, pictures, and graphics must be accompanied by text and be accessible via keyboard input. This museum has received barrier-free web page emblem, meaning that all can enjoy its online services.
  • Access to exhibition hall content
    1. Provision of exhibition area audio guides and Braille version of the museum’s brief.
      After entering the museum, the Braille version of the museum’s brief can be borrowed from the General Service Center. In it is information about the services and facilities of the museum. If needed, audio guides for the exhibition areas can be borrowed from the digital services counter.
    2. Braille text has been added to explanatory panels in some exhibition galleries and for some special exhibitions.

It is recommended that audio guide system be borrowed from the Digital Archives and Learning Center.

Services for Persons with Physical Disabilities
  • Ramps
    The left side of the entrance plaza on Xitun Road; the left side of the Guanqian Road entrance; the sidewalk along the Botanical Garden at the intersection of Xitun Road and Jianxing Road; the sidewalk along the Botanical Garden on Xitun Road near the parking lot entrance; on the left and right sides of the Space Theater; on the left side of the 3-D Theater entrance; on the left side of the main entrance to the Science Center; on both sides of the main entrance to the Life Science Hall.
  • Restrooms for persons with physical disabilities
    Restrooms for persons with physical disabilities are located in the Human Cultures Hall and Science Center (B1).
  • Wheelchairs
    Visitors in need of a wheelchair can register to borrow one free of charge at the General Service Center.
  • Elevators for the disabled
    Elevators for the disabled can be found in the exhibition halls and can reach the upper and lower levels of each exhibition hall. 
  • Parking spaces for the disabled
    Parking spaces for the disabled are available in the Boguan Road parking lot, Xitun Road parking lot, and Botanical Garden bus parking lot.

Route: Xitun Road entranceà1F, Global Environment Hallà(via elevator) 2F, Global Environment Hallà2F, Human Cultures Hallà(via elevator) 1F, Human Cultures HallàLife Science Hall (contact a staff member to reach 2F). 

Note: The General Service Center of this museum provides wheelchair and stroller lending services. 

Services for Persons with Intellectual or Mental Health Disabilities

Route: Naturalist Centerà1F, Global Environment Hallà(via elevator) 2F, Global Environment Hallà2F, Human Cultures Hallà(via elevator) 1F, Human Cultures Hall

Note: In the Age of Dinosaurs exhibition area in the Life Science Hall are animatronic dinosaurs that emit loud sounds. Please consider the appropriateness of visiting this exhibition area. 

2023/09/12 Updated