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Mission Statement


Empower the public with scientific knowledge of nature and culture

Our mission includes:

Grounding in Science: Curating exhibitions and taking initiatives based on stringent scientific studies

Manifesting Diversity: Showcasing the intricacy and variety of nature through growing collections and curating from cross-disciplinary perspectives 

Being an Influence: Serving society and taking a professional role with a sensitivity to diversity, inclusion, and adaptability

Educating and Motivating: Inspiring the public's reflection and action through disseminating scientific knowledge 

Engaging and Entertaining: Manifesting aesthetics through museum exhibitions, and providing an enjoyable experience for the visiting public

Contributing to Sustainability: Actively allying with non-governmental and international organizations to work towards environmental and social sustainability.


Strategic Goals Working toward our 50th Anniversary in 2036

To collect, preserve and archive information for the long-term welfare of society. To promote the interpretation and utilization of collections via the application of technical and open-source interaction with the public. To transmit both tangible and intangible assets of natural and human history, in order to transform collections into assets of humanity.

To take an active role in preserving both biodiversity and social diversity, promoting sustainability of the natural environment, and preserving and revitalizing culture and society. To clarify the interaction between humans and non-humans through a cross-disciplinary perspective, showcasing the interrelationship of the environment and human history. Through channeling a dialogue between past and future, we hope to cultivate the audience's sense of responsibility and encourage civic action.

To construct both a physical and virtual space for the audience, implementing aesthetic presentation to inspire the public's artistic appreciation. We aim to facilitate cultural transmission and provide an educational experience, while also offering leisure and entertainment.

To remain committed to research, collection, science, and education, yet place new emphasis on innovations in terms of content, knowledge transmission, and technological application. To create and extend the methods of researching and interpreting collections, in order to generate practical new knowledge which impacts contemporary life. To inspire audience curiosity to explore and reflect on the world and their role in it, through deconstructing and reinterpreting traditional collections.

To provide varied, high-quality content which is interactive and user-friendly in a pleasant exhibitions space. To create an approachable environment that focuses on accessibility and inclusiveness, thus ensuring a consistent experience for a wide variety of target audiences.

To actively expand external outreach into the community, strengthening connections among all walks of life. To explore natural and cultural issues related to the public, taking initiatives to change society. To participate with international organizations, in order to promote transnational cooperation, thus enhancing our domestic and international stature.

2023/01/06 Updated