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Mission Statement

In 1980, a plan for the Implementation of 12 Cultural Construction Projects was announced, which included the establishment of three science museums in Taiwan, of which National Museum of Natural Science is the first. The museum’s Planning Office was set up in 1981, and the Executive Yuan appointed Professor Pao-teh Han, then dean of the College of Science and Engineering at National Chung Hsing University, to serve as the director. The Planning Office set forth two goals for the development of the museum:

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(1) To explain the principles and phenomena of natural science and to stimulate the public’s interest in science. In addition, to assist schools at all levels to achieve their science-related educational goals and to form a foundation for the longterm development of natural science in Taiwan.

(2) To collect representative natural specimens from Taiwan (including anthropological objects) to contribute to the museum’s collection and research efforts, as well as to its exhibition and education functions.

"Learning" and "sharing" are two of the most important features of NMNS. Learning is joy. Sharing knowledge increases this joy. Learning and sharing are two of the most positive and meaningful things that we do in life. Due to this, many people serve as volunteers in their spare time or following retirement and greatly contribute to this museum. Moreover, by learning and sharing they receive positive energy! For museum staff, the best feedback is the smiling faces and expressions of appreciation of the visitors.


Founded: 1986
Founding Director-General: Pao-teh Han
Incumbent Director-General: Chuan-Chin Chiao
Visitors: 3 million / per year
Collection size: 1.62 million specimens and objects (as of Jun. 2022)
Land area of the main part of the museum: 87,276 m2
Floor space of the main part of the museum: 83,214 m2
Land area of the Botanical Garden: 44,856 m2
Floor space of the Botanical Garden: 12,796 m2
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