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Children's Discovery Room

Fish that leisurely swim in deep ocean waters can be seen up close, as music intertwines with the melodious chirping of insects and birds. There is even a yellow submarine for observing the wonders of nature! This natural science exploratory space was developed especially for children. Here, rich learning content is very accessible. 

The Children’s Discovery Room encourages the exploration of nature by children from ages 3 to those enrolled in the 2nd grade. In the foyer is an area where children’s interest in science is stimulated. There are also building blocks, picture book reading, minerals and fossils, marine life, plant exploration, ethnic cultures, and yellow submarine audiovisual areas. With soft hues and sounds from nature or soft music playing in the background, a warm atmosphere is created. Animal, plant, rock, and mineral specimens, as well as fossils and cultural objects, are displayed here. There are also teaching aids that have been developed for each learning module. Parents can accompany their children as they freely explore or guide their learning to help them cultivate keen observational skills and good study attitudes and habits.

Children's Discovery Room Hours:
  • Target audience: Children from 3 years old to those enrolled in the 2nd grade. Children are to be accompanied by a parent.
  • Group visit times: Reservations are accepted from preschools for group visits from 09:00-12:00 Tuesday to Friday. If there are pre-school groups, parent-child visits will be suspended. If there are no pre-school groups, this space will be open for parent-child visits. 
  • Parent-child visit times: 12:30-17:00 Tuesday to Friday, 09:00-17:00 on weekends are for parent-child use. On the day of your visit, go to the 1F or 5F of the Science Center and scan the QR code on the push notification device to make a reservation based on available times.
  • Tel: 04-23226940 ext. 259, 260
  • Location: 5F, Science Center
2023/08/09 Updated