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Museum Facilities

Comfortable quality of the exhibition hall
Comfortable quality
/ Number index is for reference only

We aim to make NMNS an exciting, educational, and enjoyable experience for everyone. If you have any questions about your visit and the services we offer, please contact our General Service Center at +886-4-23226940 ext. 596.
HomeOn the right-hand side of the main entrance of the Life Science Hall

General Information / #596

General information about exhibitions and activities in the Museum.

Charge Counter / #398

Charge counter for educational activities.

Application for Dinosaur Cards / #283

Located on the left side of this service center.

Cloakrooms and Luggage

Cloakroom service located in the rear of this service center.

Wheelchair and Stroller

Lending of strollers, wheelchairs, and hair dryers.

Publications of the Museum

Providing publications of the Museum, such as Maps of Exhibition Halls, Activity brochures, Guidebooks, etc.

Lost and Found

Lost and found, recovery of missing kids, and service of providing hot drinking water.

Guided Tour

Application for guided tours on that day.

Nursery Room

Nursery Room and providing hot drinking water.

Museum Shop

Museum shop

Download a PDF map of the Museum

During your visit, use this map to navigate the main building. If you get lost, don't worry—our friendly Visitor Services staff is always happy to lend a hand. You can download now and save for later.
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2023/04/12 Updated