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iCoBo merges physical and virtual museums through inter-museum integration of contents and services. The fusion of exhibits, teaching and digital media for online and offline audiences makes visits proactive rather than passive. Exhibit and event notifications personalize tours that provides interactive experiences such as online directions, and fun challenges.

ICoBo app
ICoBo app
1. Pre-visit:
  • Transparent information: Visitors can use the integrated itinerary system to check current and upcoming exhibits, activities and seminars.
  • Mobile ticketing for express entry: Mobile ticketing lets you skip queuing and kiosks!
  • Real-time parking info: Open traffic data provides parking information to relieve local traffic congestion.
  • Exhibition 3D: 720-degree VR and AR exhibition spaces for 3 permanent and 17 special exhibitions added since the app was launched for "Using Virtual and Augmented Reality to Bring Natural Science to Life." VR exhibitions show exhibits from different angles.
2. Onsite-visit
  • Smart tours: Enjoy personalized guided tours without a group. Use location services to track popular exhibitions and activities. Information automatically pops up near sights with real-time audio multimedia and AR interaction for immersion.
  • Visitor directions: iCoBo incorporates indoor/outdoor location services and indoor maps for directions (e.g. to exhibitions, activities, exhibits, service facilities). One-button navigation can point visitors to the nearest help desk, toilets, breastfeeding room, AED, entrance/exit and other facilities.
  • Find your Friend's location: The iCobo location sharing function shows group visitors their location. iCoBo can even provide automatic reminders and directions for meeting time and place.
  • Different tour modes: iCobo supports themed, timed (based on arrival time) and custom tours. Visitors can switch between modes at will.
  • Innovative OMO marketing model: "Challenge" events that combine learning and play help visitors understand more complex exhibits and have fun. Teachers can also set challenging quests to help students learn.
3. Post-visit:
  • Departure directions: iCoBo can query the timetable, route and arrival times of nearby public transport such as the buses and HSR shuttles.
  • Personal tour log: Function to share learning progress and history from a log of the visit.
2022/10/14 Updated