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Chinese Science and Technology

This gallery covers a wide range of exhibits which represent China’s most significant achievements in the
fields of science and technology. Many of these achievements are closely tied to the ordinary activities of
daily life because, as the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention."

When this gallery was designed, there were two main purposes. First, to supplement the science education of
Taiwan's school system because many of the topics presented here are not currently covered in the curriculum. Second, to encourage in visitors the spirit of creativity and invention by introducing them to the wisdom of traditional Chinese people in meeting the challenges of their own, earlier time. Also, as you move through this gallery, from exhibit to exhibit, We hope you will consider one of the important puzzles, or unanswered questions, about Chinese culture-that is, why did a civilization that for centuries led the world in science and invention cease to continue in this important role of leadership.

2023/03/06 Updated