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Life Takes to the Land

  • Life Science Hall/1F

Scientists theorize that marine animals struggled to taketo the land as soon as it was formed, billions of years ago. However, their success came long after that of plants. Plants first appeared near the water 400 million years ago. However, it was not until some 50 million years later that animals managed to establish themselves on land, in areas where plants were already flourishing.

This unit guides visitors through the process of life taking to dry land. The sea and land environments before and after life took to the land are introduced. In addition, we learn how animals adapted to their new environment, through ingenious systems that evolved to aid in foraging, breathing, circulation, excretion, reproduction and movement.

Another exhibit shows two existing reptiles, the crocodile and python, to give a basic under standing of reptilecharacteristics.

2022/09/28 Updated