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The Age of Dinosaurs

During the Mesozoic Era, from 228 million to 65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth. In 1822, British physician Gideon Mantell discovered the first dinosaur fossil—a jawbone. In the more than 190 years since Dr. Mantell’s find, a large number of dinosaur fossils have been unearthed all over the world. Through research, identification and restoration work, paleontologists now have a clearer picture of dinosaur anatomy and muscle structure, and can build reconstructions to relive the age of dinosaurs.

In August of 2004, renovations to the Dinosaur Gallery were completed. The most obvious addition is an animated Tyrannosaurus rex model measuring four meters in height and seven meters in length. There is also a pair of animated models of Velociraptors which demonstrate how these predators took down their prey. Other exhibits of interest include the bones of an Ankylosaurus, fossilized specimens of an Oviraptor group that was buried together, and Tyrannosaurus rex skull and skeleton. On the 2nd floor are more exhibits including those that answer the question, “What are dinosaurs?” Archaeopteryx is also introduced. Don’t forget to look up to see ancient flying reptiles gliding overhead.

2022/09/28 Updated