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The Journey of Human Life

Birth, aging, sickness and death are events that we must all face. This exhibit area is divided into four sections, one devoted to each of the above topics. Contents include scientific knowledge about the human body, disease prevention methods and the concepts related to the preciousness of life.

Through images and models, visitors are introduced to the miracle of life from the fertilization of an ovum, to the development of a fetus and finally to the process of birth. Another exhibit features a computer simulation that lets you watch yourself age. Through the use of medical technology, visitors can view the condition of various parts of the body affected by disease. Cultural artifacts, specimens and exhibits show different ways that have been developed to preserve the body after death.

The lively and some interactive exhibits and some rare or valuable specimens or artifacts allow visitors to learn how the human body grows and develops, as well as build awareness of disease prevention, self-affirmation, and value concepts of the preciousness of life.

2022/09/28 Updated