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Science Center

Science CenterThe Science Center includes Exploring Science, The World of Semiconductor, Legends of the Universe, and The Fantastic World of Matter exhibit areas, as well as the Children's Discovery Room.

The goal of the museum's Science Center is to encourage visitors to interact with the exhibits. With this hands-on approach, it is hoped that visitors will develop an interest in science. By actively exploring, the public can seek answers to their questions about science and nature. Scientific, challenging, entertaining and thoughtprovoking exhibits and activities are an important way for the museum to carry out its educational function.

B1 DaDa's Magic Land

The exhibition area in the basement of the Science Center comprises interactive displays that present interesting natural science phenomena. Through hands-on operation of exhibits, visitors discover scientific principles, search for answers to scientific questions and make inferences that can be applied to their daily lives. The new exhibition DaDa’s Magic World is designed to introduce the field of optoelectronics. Through active, hands-on learning, visitors will gain a better understanding of primary colors of light, light refraction and reflection, liquid crystal optical rotation and polarized light.

DaDa's Magic Land

2F The World of Semiconductors

Sponsored by the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, The World of Semiconductors, one of the leading semiconductor exhibitions in Taiwan, is located on the second floor of the Science Center. The five sections—Exploration, Application, Progress, Innovation, and Imagination—systematically show the knowledge of semiconductors, the IC manufacturing process, and the development of the semiconductor industry. The exhibition is a small world of semiconductors for the general public and students to explore.

The World of Semiconductors

Visitors pick up a wafer card at the entrance to the exhibition area and begin the tour. Guided by professional volunteers, visitors get to learn about semiconductors through thoughtfully arranged displays and engaging interactive multimedia activities. The World of Semiconductors on the second floor of the Science Center welcomes all visitors to experience a magical journey into the semiconductor world.

In order to maintain the quality of your visit, we have established the maximum capacity to access the exhibition. Find More

3F Legends of the Universe

Legends of the UniverseThe recently renovated Legends of the Universe exhibit area is located on the 3rd floor of the Science Center. It includes advanced multimedia animation programs and an interactive stage to present the newest ideas in the field of astronomy.

This exhibition is divided into eight theme areas: Bio-query; Earth Story; Sun, Moon, Star Track; Nebula; ET Encountering; Light Touching; Stars Talk and Stellar Stage. As visitors walk through the exhibit area, they will learn about the earth, moon, and sun, as well as the entire solar system. The earth’s chemical elements and the life of a star are also introduced. In addition, different types of nebulae reveal the activities of the universe. Man’s search for extraterrestrial life forms is also detailed. Through interactions with the displays in this exhibit area, classical and modern theories related to astronomy are presented. A unique globeshaped screen projects the constellations as they appear over the four seasons of the year, as well as presents the stories behind their names.

4F Physical World

Sponsored by the DELTA. Physical World has eight theme areas: Preface, Fluid Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Kinematics, Mechanics, Wave Mechanics, Optics, and Modern Physics. Find More

Physical World
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