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Legends of the Universe

The recently renovated Legends of the Universe exhibit area is located on the 3rd floor of the Science Center. It includes advanced multimedia animation programs and an interactive stage to present the newest ideas in the field of astronomy.

This exhibition is divided into eight theme areas: Bio-query; Earth Story; Sun, Moon, Star Track; Nebula; ET Encountering; Light Touching; Stars Talk and Stellar Stage. As visitors walk through the exhibit area, they will learn about the earth, moon, and sun, as well as the entire solar system. The earth’s chemical elements and the life of a star are also introduced. In addition, different types of nebulae reveal the activities of the universe. Man’s search for extraterrestrial life forms is also detailed. Through interactions with the displays in this exhibit area, classical and modern theories related to astronomy are presented. A unique globeshaped screen projects the constellations as they appear over the four seasons of the year, as well as presents the stories behind their names.

2022/09/28 Updated