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Bon Voyage! Buni

  • The Sunshine Pathway
  • 2021/07/28 ~ 2022/03/06
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A little black bear walking near the Nanan Waterfall in Zhuoxi Township, Hualien, couldn't find its mother. It never expected that its own loss would attract public attention to the Taiwan black bears and inspire people to contemplate the conservation of Taiwan's wildlife. Nanan Bear is the first case in Taiwan that a cub has separated from its mother, and it holds significant importance in the history of Taiwan black bear conservation. This special exhibition is jointly organized by Professor Huang Mei-Xiu from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and the Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association. The exhibition is divided into four sections: "From the Forest," "Being with humans," "The Journey Home," and "A friendly place for Black Bears." Each section introduces the journey of Nanan Bear, from being discovered by visitors to being cared for and trained before returning to the mountains.

2023/09/27 Updated