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The King of Oriental Musical Instruments

  • The Sunshine Pathway
  • 2019/03/05 ~ 2023/12/26
    Guided Tours:10:00,14:00
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The chime bells were cultural relics earthed in the Zeng Marquis Yi Tomb in 433 BC. They are named the " Zheng Marquis Yi Chime Bells" because the inscriptions said ," held by Zeng Marquis Yi ."  Chime bell expert Ms. Li Hui mentioned that their melodies have a sense of tranquility. Each sound represents a world, and each resonance creates a heavenly realm. Precise performance should also consider the beautiful connection of melodies.

When struck on the front or side, the chime bells produce two musical tones approximately a major third apart. The complete set of chime bells spans five and a half octaves, with all 12 semitones present in the central range. After the discovery, the chime bells were exhibited at the Hubei Provincial Museum and have remained there until today. They are classified as a first-grade cultural relic in mainland China and are prohibited from being exhibited abroad. The set of chime bells displayed in this exhibition is a replica based on the original, and it is certified to be the most precise replica ever.

2023/12/18 Updated