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Out of Sight, Out of Mold: Special Exhibition of Microfungi

In daily life, we often believe that "what the eyes don't see is clean." But are things that are unseen really clean? In fact, our surrounding environment is filled with various types of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae that are invisible to the naked eye. The focus of this special exhibition is on "microfungi," which are among these unseen microorganisms.

Apart from introducing the characteristics of fungi and microfungi, the exhibition also explains the relationships between microfungi, plants, animals, and other organisms in the ecosystem through topics such as endophytic fungi, mycorrhizal fungi, plant pathogenic fungi, lichens, and entomopathogenic fungi. It further explores the close relationship between microfungi and human life by showcasing various common products derived from microfungi. Finally, it guides the audience to gain a deeper understanding of how the biodiversity of fungi is discovered, preserved, and studied in the laboratory of the National Museum of Natural Science.

2023/09/27 Updated