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An Exhibition of Teeth and Claws of Formosan Mammals

Through a conversation between  Bunun people ,the grandfather and his granddaughter, a journey into nature begins. Led by the grandfather, a forest ranger, they explore the wilderness, observing and learning about different mammals. By examining food traces, footprints, and other signs, they introduce the different types of teeth and the relationship between limbs to explain the animals' diets and foraging behaviors. The goal is to bring people closer to nature and raise awareness of the importance of the ecological environment for animal survival.

This collaborative project, organized by our museum (NMMS) in partnership with the Dongshih Forest District Office of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan,the Endemic Species Research Institute, the Chiayi County Natural History Museum of Natural Science Education Center, and many other organizations in the field of natural ecology, aims to highlight the significance of protecting the ecological environment.

2023/09/27 Updated