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Illustrating Natural History

Based on rational observation, description,and interpretation,combined with aesthetic composition, scientific illustrations are important in popular science for the visual communication of scientific information. Early scientific illustrations were carved on wood blocks used as plates for printing. In this special exhibition, entitled "Illustrating Natural History ", we use the Chinese language homophones for "science " and" carving "to imply the early stage of natural history illustration.

Moreover, the rich natural history collections of the National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS) are used to connect various themes related to natural history illustration. On display are classic illustrations dating back to the 17th century. Over the more than 30- years history of NMNS, scientific illustration has been applied to various academic fields and contemporary illustrators have created diverse and rich works. In this special exhibition, view hundreds of scientific illustrations, from the historical to the modern, and explore their importance and widespread and diverse applications, as you are guided through beautiful intersections of science and art.

2023/12/05 Updated