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The Gravity Realm: Unveiling Secrets of Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

The concept behind the exhibition "The Gravity Realm" is to present the latest research findings and future directions of modern physics to the audience through the integration of science and art. Through a sleek and contemporary design style and rich interactive experiences, we aim to provide the audience with a deep understanding and exploration of the mysterious beauty of the universe and physics. Simultaneously, the exhibition serves as a platform for conveying ideas and values, inspiring curiosity and thought to the audience, and guiding them in the exploration and discovery of science, art, and culture. By engaging more people and encouraging their participation, we hope to create an inspiring and guiding experience. The success of the exhibition relies on the collaboration of many experts. In this exhibition, we have brought together experts from various fields, including Academia Sinica, Tsinghua University, National Normal University, and Taiwan Art University. They have provided valuable expertise and experience from different perspectives. With their efforts and assistance, we have successfully presented this inspiring and educational exhibition and look forward to offering the audience an unforgettable experience filled with knowledge, culture, and art.

2024/02/21 Updated