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Anti-Drug and Folklore Special Exhibition

Drug abuse can cause brain function abnormalities, leading to abnormal emotions and behaviors, as if possessed by demons and monsters! The National Museum of Natural Science presents the "Anti-Drug and Folklore Special Exhibition," which combines folklore and culture to "demonize" drugs. It features interactive displays such as the Drug-Revealing Mirror, Detoxification Talismans, and the Drug-Exorcising Zhong Kui, offering engaging "anti-drug techniques" to vividly convey the terrifying effects of drugs on the human body. The exhibition also incorporates the punishment of drug producers and traffickers in the "Ten Kings of Hell" section of the museum's permanent Human Culture Hall, aiming to cultivate anti-drug awareness among the public from multiple perspectives.

The " Anti-Drug and Folklore Special Exhibition" is jointly guided by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration, and the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of the Interior. Designed by the National Museum of Natural Science, it metaphorically portrays commonly abused drugs and inhalants as "drug demons and monsters," enumerating the characteristics and harmful effects of different drugs, with the hope of raising awareness about the dangers of drugs and attracting more people to learn about them.

2023/09/27 Updated