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Sign language service started to apply.


In order to promote diversified learning, the Museum cooperates with Taichung City the Association For The Deaf to provide the sign language service. On the third Sunday from 10 am to 12 am of each month, the Museum provides a sign language interpreter to assist the guide staff to carry out sign language guide service.

Visitors who need sign language services are welcome to sign up.
The guide time is 40-50 minutes,
Participants are requested to arrive at the Service Center 5 minutes in advance, or go directly to the exhibition halls.
Please refer to the website of the Museum for related contents.

Application form


10AM Together Forever: Journey into Contemporary Marriage (The 1th Exhibition Gallery)
11AM The Journey of Human Life (2F Human Cultures Hall)


10AM Bon Voyage! Buni (Sunny Passway)
11AM Life on Earth (2F Global Environment Hall)


10AM Agricultural Ecology (1F Human Cultures Hall)
11AM Out of Sight, Out of Mold: Special Exhibition of Microfungi (The 3rd Exhibition Gallery)


10AM Must We Age? (The 4th Exhibition Gallery)
11AM The King of Oriental Musical Instruments (The Sunshine Pathway)


10AM Color in Nature (B1F Life Science Hall)
11AM 三大地標


10AM AMBER-A Moment Buried En Resin Exhibit (The 1st Exhibition Gallery)
11AM The Age of Dinosaurs (1F Life Science Hall)


10AM Thinking of Coffee Exhibit (Sunny Passway)
11AM Agricultural Ecology (1F Human Cultures Hall)


10AM The Culture of Taiwan Austronesian (2F Human Cultures Hall)
11AM Oceania (B1F Human Cultures Hall)


10AM Chinese Science and Technology (1F Human Cultures Hall)
11AM Spiritual Life of the Han Chinese (2F Human Cultures Hall)


10AM AMBER-A Moment Buried En Resin Exhibit (The 1st Exhibition Gallery)
11AM Story Telling by the Ancient People (2F Human Cultures Hall)


10AM Thinking of Coffee Exhibit (Sunny Passway)
11AM Chinese Medicine(1F Human Cultures Hall)


10AM The Evolution and Adaptability of Mammals (2F Life Science Hall)
11AM 張牙舞爪特展

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2023/06/30 Updated