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NMNS Holiday Market


Sundays and national holidays from February to May 2023 (2/11-12,2/18-19,2/25-26,3/11-12,3/18-19,3/25-26,4/1-5,4/8-9,4/15-16,4/22-23,5/6-7 ,5/13-14)

From11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Visitors with various forms of ticket stubs, the on-site consumption of more than $100  is directly discounted by $10, and so on!

Venue:The outdoor square of the Museum

While visiting the Museum, welcome to the outdoor square of the Museum to experience the market activities. Every month, in addition to integrating different special exhibition themes, the market will also provide the articles for daily use for shopping. This market is very suitable for people of all ages to walk around and buy some snacks to supplement their physical strength. There are also music performances to enjoy and picnic mats to borrow. Children can enjoy playing on the grass around the square, so that the whole family can have a good afternoon.

Public Welfare: This market activity will be combined with the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, the Garden of Hope Foundation, and the Consortium Legal Person Xiangshang  Social Welfare Foundation. There will be a section promoting public welfare feedback on site, and welcome your support.

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2023/03/27 Updated