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Meet the Scientists


In the research area of National Museum of Natural Science, there are many researchers. Each of these researchers has their own expertise and explores in their respective research fields. Their research achievements have contributed to the foundation of the museum. If you want to meet these researchers, you are welcome to participate in the "Meet the Scientist" event.

The Nature's Wonderland completed at the beginning of this year is based on the research of the museum's researchers, showcasing the various wonderful forms of life in nature for survival. Starting from March 16, 2024, there will be a series of "Meet the Scientist" events in the Nature's Wonderland . Participating researchers of the exhibition will be present at the venue to interact with everyone, share their research, chat with visitors, and answer questions related to natural science. This initiative aims to bring scientists closer to the public and create a friendly environment for discussing science together. Everyone is welcome to embark on a fantastic journey with scientists, bringing curiosity for natural science and a readiness to acquire new knowledge.

  • 13:30-15:00
  • Free admission for visitors who purchase tickets or passes at the exhibition halls of the Museum (on-site participation)
  • Life Science Hall, B1F Nature's Wonderland Area
In March/Scientists /Field of expertise
  1. On March16/Kuo, Yang-Yi/
    display, planning, material culture
  2. On March 17/Chiao, Chuan-Chin /Cephalopod
  3. On March23/Zeng Baiqiang/knowledge related to bird breeding management and bird eggs
  4. On March24/Jeng, Ming-Luen /Insects, fireflies, luminescent organisms
  5. On March30/Chan, Mei-Ling/Exploration and Implementation of Home Insects and Insects
  6. On March 31/Huang, Hsin-Drow /Behavioral ecology of marine organisms
In April /Scientists /Field of expertise
  1. On April 13/Yang, T. Y. Aleck/Natural History of Plants
  2. On April 14/Yao, Chiou-Ju/Classification and Conservation Biology of Marine Mammals
  3. On April 20/Lin, Jhan-Wei /
    Behavioral Ecology, Amphibian and Reptilian Studies
  4. On April 21/Chen, Chih-Hsiung/Plant classification and species conservation
  5. On April 27/Lee, Yung-I/orchid
  6. On April 28/Chen, Yen-Jean/Specimen Collection Management
In May /Scientists /Field of expertise
  1. On May 4/Huang, Yu-Ling/
    Fungal ecology
  2. On May 5/Liao, Chen-Pan/
    Biomechanics and Spider Biology
  3. On May 11/Tsai, Jing-Fu /Insect and stinkbug systematics, phylogenetic relationships, evolution of parental care behavior
  4. On May 12/Chang, Chun-Hsiang /mammalian
  5. On May18/Chiu, Shau-Ting /The Structure, Function, and Evolution of Plants
  6. On May 19/Huang, Wen-San /Animal behavioral ecology
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