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In addition to presenting the craftsmanship and aesthetics of jade crafts, The Story of Taiwan Nephrite offers an opportunity for you to learn more about a lesser-known aspect of Taiwan's past.

Unit 1.

Introduction to Jade in Chinese Culture
Explore the uses and values of jade in Chinese culture.

Unit 2.

Types, Distributions and Cultures of Jade
Tell true jade from pseudo one and learn about different jade cultures.

Unit 3.

Introduction to Taiwan Nephrite
Find out where Taiwan nephrite is found, how it is formed. Get a better understanding about its types and characteristics.

Unit 4.

Taiwan Nephrite in Prehistoric Times
Based on artifacts unearthed in Neolithic archaeological sites, scholars infer how people made them in prehistoric times.

Unit 5.

Taiwan's Jade Industry
"Jade without grinding is of no use." Learn about the craftsmanship and aesthetics of jade crafts and a brief history of Taiwan's jade mining.

Unit 6.

The last unit is the culmination of dedication by Taiwanese jade carving artists, whose artworks upgrade the value of Taiwan nephrite.
11 / 02 / 2021 Updated